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Sep 22, 2010, 17:06



President Reassures NRA

New reports have it that the President of Sierra Leone Importers Association Mr. Alpha Tanue  Jalloh has reassured the National Revenue Authority (NRA) in Freetown of its tax obligation .According to reports ,  Mr Tanu  stressed the need for more training for the business community on the payment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) urging   NRA to organize  periodic  education for  business owners  to be willing to pay their taxes.

New IG Talks Tough

The Inspector General of Police Mr. Francis Allieu Munu has reportedly  told  the general public that he was determined to provide  firm leadership for the SLP in order to maintain peace and stability in the Country. The IG according to reports, said Police personnel are working on behalf of the state and must be robust in their operation and  not  to surrender the state to criminals. The IG is said to have admonished his personnel to work within the frame work of the law and the Police Discipline  Regulations  2001 to ensure professionalism

Residents Live Beneath Boulders in Koidu

News  reports have it that some residents  in  Koidu Town are living just beneath  a   mountain  called Mount Zion in Koidu, Eastern Sierra Leone. According to reports, the  mountain  contains  huge   boulder stones  over looking  the township  posing a serious  danger  to the lives of resident living there. There  is  the fear that some of the rocks  might even cause land slide in the area report s add.

Armed Robbers  Attack  Brookfields  Residents


Local tabloids say, armed robbers are attacking residents of Brookfields, West of Freetown  almost every night. These robbers, reports say are armed with machetes, giant cutters, Knives and  hammers causing residents to live in constant fear. The areas that have come under attack recently were  Bass Street, Willoughby Lane, Ogoo Lane and Morgan  Lane amongst others. Residents,  reports  say, have planned to meet with the  member of parliament of that constituency, the councilor and the police to find a solution to the problem.


Bo Calls for Mental Home

Residents  of Bo town and its environs  have called on government and its development partners to help them put up a mental home in the district.
The Chairman Civil Society South, Alex Nallo is reported to have said that a mental home was urgently needed  considering  the growing  number of mentally ill people in the district. He said the manner in which mad people  behave  in the Streets  creates  panic in the minds of people who do business around town.

Sea Accident Claims 2, 3 injured


A sea accident has claimed the lives of two Fishermen, Foday Suma and another man simply identified as 'Bissodou' past Monday. According to reports,  the accident occurred between Tombo and Mama Beach,  after the Forty-horse power fishing boat overturned at sea living the two dead and injuring three others. The Harbor Master in Tombo Mr. Samuel Bangura is reported to have said that Bissodou died  on the spot and was immediately removed upon discovery whilst the body of Foday Suma was discovered the following day.


Lactating Mother Slammed Jail Sentence


Fanta  Daramy, a lactating mother has been slammed 12 Months jail sentence or  pay a fine of  five hundred thousand Leones (Le 500,000) for false  pretences. According to reports, the Guinean  national on the 13th September 2010 received the sum of eight hundred thousand leones (Le 800,000) from one  Fatmata Sahid Kamara for business knowing same  to be False.

Magbenteh Hospital gets $150,000 worth Solar Power

The Magbenteh Community Hospital situated  in Makeni , Northern Sierra Leone has become the first hospital  in the country to enjoy 24 hours  Solar- powered  electricity  with a voltage  of 220. The hospital according  to reports is operated by the Swiss- Sierra Leone Development Foundation (SSLDF). The Solar project, costing $ 150,000 was made possible by the generous  intervention of four German based organizations. Since the installation of the giant  solar panel and their accessories by the German Technicians, the hospital has seen non-stop electricity with enough power supply for the complex reports conclude.

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