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In Sierra Leone, Chieftaincy Reform Team Engages CSOs Today
By Mohamed Kanu
Sep 23, 2010, 09:59

The Chieftaincy Reform Campaign Team that comprises of various civic organizations including Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) and Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) today organizes a day’s round table conference for Civil Society Organisations.  The forum which is hosted at the Council of Churches (CCSL), King Herman Road in Freetown has as theme ‘Chieftaincy Reform-a prerequisite for public sector reform and peace consolidation.’  It aims at seeking opinions of CSOs as an allied group on the recommendations of the platform by giving them the opportunity to input into, and agree on the contents of the position paper on the review of the Chieftaincy Act 2009 and to convince CSOs in accepting the platform’s recommendations. 

The conference also serves as an opportunity for the civil society organizations as a group to agree on a common ground and a joint strategy as to how to move the process forward.

It could be recalled that in spite of the fact that the Chieftaincy Act has been passed since June 2009, chiefdom governance continues to pose a serious threat to the peace, security and development of the country. Looking at the recent ugly events that surrounded chieftaincy elections mostly in the north where processes involving chiefdom council list reviews and the declaration of rights were characterized by weakness and inconstancies across the country, the Chieftaincy Reform Campaign Team embarks on this challenge to see that political inference and other weaknesses would not be part of our chieftaincy elections in the future. One such weakness of the Chieftaincy Act that concerns the group is the unequal application provided within the Act with special reference to the definition of traditional that excludes women from vying for paramount chieftaincy positions in some parts of the country, notably the north and east. This meeting is expected to draw participants from all over the country that will have an interactive session to be followed by recommendations.

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