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In Sierra Leone, Zain Maintains Lowest Tariff Among The Rest
Sep 23, 2010, 10:14

Zain Sierra Leone has taken the initiative in supporting the Governmentís affordability drive towards achieving the ICT agenda for the country, by maintaining the lowest on-net tariff of Le.324, and slashed its off-net tariff to Le.432 for its GSM customers. It now appears that Zain has won this fight since they are the only network offering the lowest off-net tariffs and much more. The new tariff also comes with an additional benefit of free calls from 2 am Ė 5 am, and reduced SMS rates for on-net, off-net and International with 2 units, 3 units and 8 units respectively.

This move is seen as a position statement on the guarantee of tariff affordability which was promised by Manoj Kohli Ė Bharti Airtel CEO, in his visit to Sierra Leone after completing a deal of acquiring Zainís Africa Operations.

Announcing the slash in rates and other benefits in Freetown, Zain Sierra Leone MD, Ted Sauti-Phiri said: "Zain will continue to maintain a strong focus on strengthening our distribution and network capability with a view to ensuring that our customers consistently enjoy value for money through provision of reliable and quality services".

He confirmed that the Fambul Tariff was developed in tandem with Zainís integrated business model. Mr. Sauti-Phiri also said his network was not keen on mere price wars, but rather on providing quality services at very affordable prices for everyone across the country and beyond. Indeed a wonderful world for all.

"We do not intend to engage in price wars since our strategy is clear on providing value for our customers, better customer care and quality of service. Despite the current market frenzy, Zain is determined to keep leadership in data and value-added servicesí," he said.

He promised that Zain would keep its focus on growing its bouquet of unique value-added products and services to its customers as a one-stop shop (mobile and internet & wireless services).

Kelvin Kellie, Zainís Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications states, "With our extensive quality national coverage and innovative products and services, our customers should be rest assured that we will continue to give them better integrated services with the latest technology, and at the most affordable prices," he said.

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