From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

The Monkey Man from Maforki Jungles of Sierra Leone
By the Analytic Analyst
Sep 23, 2010, 10:17

When an ill-bred African male is released from the Jungles near the town of Maforki to meet others in the civilised world, he can barely hide his uncivilised monkey lifestyle regardless of how long he has lived out in the Western World.


Such a monkey man usually thinks he is doing great as he tries to emulate the white man but he will always be a classic example of the fact that you can take a man out of the bush but you can never take the bush out of the Monkey Man.


Like the proverbial monkey who climbs up the jungle trees thinking he is going to soon reach the stars; all the time drawing attention to himself as he screams out what he believes to be successes, the Monkey Man from jungles around Maforki will soon realise that all what he has been doing is acting like a monkey desperate to make sure he properly exposes his uncivilised, blackened rear-end for the world to view with amusement as he climbs higher up trees in order to give us all a better view of his filth.


The Monkey Man from the Maforki Jungles thinks he is playing with a child. He will soon learn he is playing with a practitioner of those powerful Krio phrases of Take Tem Kill Anch; You Go See In Gut and All Tem for Tiffman; One Day for Master-ose.


Maforkis Monkey Man writes a score of articles thinking he has de-famed those who are better and greater than him. All the little black monkey has done is expose to the wider world how his father and mother brought him up in the Jungles around Maforki. As a little boy, he used to see his father boss his mother around with filthy expletives and refer to her as a practitioner of the worlds oldest profession at the slightest chance. To him, this is normal civilised language to be deployed at the slightest chance.


This explains why he grew up in the Maforki Jungles imbibed with the belief that when a man insults a woman using gender-based insults, that uncivilised man is a great, great man who should be applauded. He is just following Monkey Daddys footsteps as acted out to Monkey Mama.


The sad reality that the Monkey Man will soon learn is that London is not the jungles around Maforki. Take Tem Kill Anch... I only pity those who associate with the Monkey Man or hire him to carry out Public Relations jobs for them because when the proverbial sh*t will soon hit the proverbial fan...

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