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Embarrassing President Koroma Beyond The Limit (CULLED FROM SENATOR NEWSPAPER OF FREETOWN)
By Prince C. Kamara (Editor, Senator Newspaper) [Tel: 076-272001]
Sep 23, 2010, 10:30

It came not as a shock to read in the Awareness Times of yesterday 21st September 2010, that an online newspaper calling itself Newstime Africa, in its efforts to praise President Koroma only ended up embarrassing him.


This is not the first time people who think they are the President’s handlers have ended up doing themselves and the President greater harm than good. We have known of similar stunts right under our noses done by people appointed to lofty positions at State House and other sensitive areas like the Foreign Ministry. All they succeeded at doing was put President Koroma in very bad public limelight.


And now I hear yet again of one Ahmed Kamara who thinks he can hoodwink anyone and everyone but doesn’t realize that he can only fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.


This Ahmed Kamara (only God knows where he hails from) has now proved beyond all reasonable doubt that they [at Newstime Africa] mean definitely no good for President Koroma.


It is only a saboteur or an insane person that attempts to praise a President without first getting his/her facts right. Ahmed Kamara has demonstrated that he and his ilk are ready and determined to go to any miserable length even if they have to lie and steal their way through, just so long as they get President Koroma to believe they are doing a good PR job.


Let me quickly examine the Newstime Africa report that used the name of fearless female Publisher Sylvia Blyden as having praised President Koroma to the skies, when in actual fact, Dr. Blyden never did so; at least not in the article Ahmed Kamara used as basis for his report.


What was his motive? Simple: Ahmed Kamara like so many of his kind want to draw the President’s eyes and ears. But for goodness sake, lying your way to President Koroma’s heart would only attract his wrath not his love! And except President Koroma likes to be falsely praised by false preachers, then he would definitely ensure that he makes it very clear that he hates such falsehood especially when hyped over the internet that is easily accessible all over the world.


President Koroma cannot but feel ashamed now that almost everyone that matters would have known by now that what was published in the so-called Newstime Africa was simply garbage. At best, it is the figment of Ahmed Kamara’s imagination and at worst a stark outright lie; and bringing the name of Sylvia Blyden into his muddle just made matters worse, because Ahmed might not have known that Sylvia Blyden eats, drinks, sleeps and walks INTEGRITY; unlike a good number in President Koroma’s government. So if someone uses her name to tell lies, then you can be assured she would not rest until she has made it categorically clear that she was/is not party to whatever lies are being bandied about for selfish reasons. Next time, Mr. Ahmed Kamara would know better.


However, I am heartened by the fact that at last President Koroma has made a very correct choice for the position of Director of Communications (replacing Press Secretary to the President) in the person of Unisa Sesay, the former EIC officer at NaCSA.


Unisa Sesay from his experience and wide knowledge in press matters, apart from being a fine gentleman is a far cry from his predecessor in all forms. Now Sierra Leoneans shall see the difference between Unisa Sesay and what was his name…?


President Koroma can now be rest assured that with Unisa Sesay as his new Press Handler, gone are the days when he would be embarrassed remote control and through no fault of his own. Gone too would be the false self-seeking propagandists in the likes of Ahmed Kamara et al, because Unisa Sesay would not encourage spam on his boss.

This article was first published in SENATOR NEWSPAPER on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 in Freetown, Sierra Leone

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