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Sep 24, 2010, 14:34



Corpse Swept Ashore At Lumley Beach

An unidentified corpse of a white nation according to reports was in the early hours of Thursday 23rd September 2010 discovered along Lumley Beach in western Freetown. The discovery  was made by security personnel whilst on patrol to rid that part of the city of criminals. The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Freetown City Council, and the Criminal Investigation Department are said to have taken appropriate measures to

address the issue.  

Six Ministers yet to Declare Assets

Local news reports say the Anti Corruption Commission has reportedly  informed  the general public that, six ministers and deputy ministers are some of the public officials that  have still not declared their  assets, income and liabilities in spite ACC call for public officials to do so. According to the  ACC, the Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs  Joseph Koroma, the Minister of Lands and  Country  Planning and the Environment Dr Denis Sandy, Minister of State  Vice Presidents Office  George John Komba- Kono, Deputy Minister of  Lands Country Planning and the Environment Sylvester Basopa Goba, Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Security Moijueh Kaikai and Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation Sylvester Earl Osmond Hancilis are among those  who are said not to  have  declared their asset to the Commission. Some members of parliament reports say  have also not declared their assets which according to the ACC is a criminal offence.

City Council  Police Call For  Cooperation

The Head of Metropolitan Police of the Freetown City Council, Retired Captain Benson Bangura has reportedly said that his officers would  not succeed without the support of the ordinary Freetown residents. He is reported  to have said that FCC would  only achieve their  goals  if there is a cordial relationship between the people and the metropolitan Police. Captain Bangura  reports say has called on the general public to work cordially with his personnel in order to maintain sanity in society.

Usu  Boie  Returns Home


One of SLPPs contenders  for Flag bearership, Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara has reportedly  returned home after a- five- week tour in the United States of America and the United Kingdom respectively. Alhaji Kamara is reported to have held several consultative meetings with SLPP members during his international tour  The strong contender reports say  is planning to intensify his campaign back home at any time from now.  

ACC to Deploy Investigators at Border  Posts

The Anti Corruption Commissioner Joseph Kamara has reportedly disclosed that he intends to deploy senior investigators at every border  post and other check points in the Country. The Commissioner is reported to have said that  he was  taking  that s action in order to minimize corruption at check points. He said border  points and check points are among the  areas where corruption is evident among public officials and should therefore be discouraged  at once.

Conflict among Rival Clicks

Local tabloids say, students involved in cultism have drawn  daggers for their rivals  in secondary schools and tertiary institutions. According to reports , two  boys were  stabbed  at Mountain Cut  and  Savage Square by members of a click group. Police have reportedly intensified their operation to crack down on this illegal practice among students.

PMDC Chairman Joins New Party

Reports have it that the suspended Chairman of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change(PMDC) Mohamed Bangura  is reported to have said that he would soon quit the party in order to join a new emerging political party. According to  reports ,Mr. Bangura is planning to move to the new party with a large number of prominent PMDC members.

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