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Armed Robbers on the rampage in Sierra Leone… Stab 6 at Leicester Road
By Dauda Koroma
Sep 24, 2010, 02:44

The spate of armed robbery with aggravation in the Western Area seem to be stepping up in recent times, the latest being an armed robbery attack at No. 87C Leicester Road on 18th September 2010 which left six people with serious knife wounds who are currently admitted under critical conditions at the Connaught Hospital.

According to the Community Chief at Leicester Road, the armed robbers numbered five, dressed in black masks stormed the community at around 3:00 am with variety of offensive weapons including guns.

Chief Kamara explained the robbers came into the community blowing whistles as if they were youths of the community coming from a night occasion from some where, and broke into the said residence putting the occupants under siege with threats to kill any one who attempts to alert the neighborhood.

According to the Chief who spoke on behalf of the currently disoriented and speechless victims, the robbers on entering the house, brightened torchlights in the faces of the occupants while they threatened to shoot any one who attempts to resist them while they demanded for money and other valuables.

The Chief said they carted away such valuables such as television sets, DVD players and musical sets worth millions of Leones and Le 3 Million in cash. He said one of the victims fought with one of the robbers in an attempt to resist a last attempt to collect one of his valuables and that it was this scuffle that attracted the others who returned and occasioned indiscriminate stabbing on all of the house occupants as punishment for resisting the armed robbers.

It was this scuffle and the cries of agony that woke up the neighborhood at about 5:00am but the robbers managed to disappear before people could reach the house. He said they did not initially hear the sound of any vehicle when the robbers first came with their whistle noises, but by the estimate of properties carted away, he said, the suspects may have come with a vehicle.

“I have always raised concern about strange people coming into this community, to the extent that I summoned the youths of the area and told them to mobilize in order that they can respond to any strange happening in the community,” he informed this reporter.

However, the tactics which the robbers applied to cause this mayhem has astounded the entire community, as according to some of the residents, the youths in the community are used to holding night vigils which are characterized by whistle-blowing and music.

Chief Kamara however used this medium to appeal to the police to be sending patrols frequently to the Leicester Road community as according to him, “we are no longer safe in the hands of marauding armed robbers who are making our nights nightmarish for us.”

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