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In Sierra Leone, YMCA-SL to send 75 youths on Skills Training
By Sayoh Kamara (Intern)
Sep 27, 2010, 12:09

YMCA-SL has over the period under its Supporting Youth Livelihood and Governance project co-implemented in Sierra Leone and Liberia interviewed over 150 youths from across different communities in the Western Area, with 75 emerging as successful and they are due to be sent to various skills training institutions for the next academic year.


The names o the successful candidates are on display on the notice board at the YMCA-SL headquarters at 32 Fort Street.


The candidates will have the opportunity to benefit from the YMCA-SL, the payment of tuition, transport allowance and materials as may be required to enhance their respective skills trainings in various institutions of their choice from the YMCA-SL.


The 75 youths, males and females inclusive will have their skills training as required in catering, electrical, auto mechanics, hairdressing, tailoring, gara-tie dying, masonry and plumbing for one year.

This is not the first time the YMCA-SL is sponsoring youths in their skills training endeavours under this project. The first batch also 75 youths in number, would graduate on 30th October this year. The YMCA-SL does not abandon their skills training beneficiaries to their own fate after graduation. The organization provides post graduation support in terms of materials and business advice. It is this regard that a meeting of Service Providers and beneficiaries was convened recently Saturday, 18th September 2010 at the YMCA-SL headquarters to discuss post training support and business advice.


The Supporting Youth Livelihood and Governance project is co-implemented in Sierra Leone and Liberia as countries in post conflict situations where the level of youth vulnerability among youths is high. The project seeks to address the issues of sustainable youth livelihood; that is, by providing technical vocational skills training for these vulnerable youths in the country and also rendering support to the youth governance process by promoting youths participation in decision making processes.

In Sierra Leone, the project is implemented simultaneously in the four administrative regions of Makeni in the North, Bo in the South, Kenema in the East and Freetown in the Western Area.

The Project Officer, Western Area, Abubakar Bakley Sesay says the project is a sure way of ensuring employment of the youths and a stepping board to their attainment of independence and self reliance. He stated that since the start of implementation of the project 95% of the beneficiaries have completed their skills training in all the regions.

The project is attracting a lot of interest in the youths considering the number of applications received. The youths see it as an empowerment to secure them jobs and or become self employed, Mr. Sesay stated.

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