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PMDC Party ‘Don Scatta’ - ‘Charles Margai is greedy and selfish’-says Mohamed Bangura
By Bampia Bundu & Mohamed Kabba
Sep 27, 2010, 12:21

The embattled erstwhile Chairman for the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) has exclusively told the Awareness Times Newspaper on Saturday September 25th 2010 in Freetown that he was leaving the party because the "so-called leader" of the party, Mr. Charles Francis Margai is greedy and selfish and that he will formally resign from the party this week with a number of other prominent party members including Ministers, Chairmen, Chairladies, and Youth Leaders to form another party for 2012 elections.


Responding to what his action will mean to the PMDC/APC alliance, Bangura said that alliance was a spontaneous arrangement with the grand plan to remove the then ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party from power. “It was arranged in such a way that we did not think of tightening the bolts and nuts that will ensure steadfastness to the agreement. In other words, it was loosely arranged,” he said.

Mr. Bangura maintained that with time, most of them came to realize that the party’s Leader and Flag bearer, Charles Francis Margai was going against most of the basic fundamentals agreed upon which is why he noted, he was challenged and subsequently relieved of his post as leader of the party.

“As we stand now, Mr. Margai has not only succeeded in killing the PMDC, but himself because he has proved himself as someone who wants to rule this country at all cost and as such he is not consistent,” Mr. Bangura opined. He said the PMDC was formed as an alternative political party to which the people of this country could look to for salvation, but according to him, the inconsistence of Mr. Margai and his tendency to have the party’s revolve around him alone has given cause for the growing discontent and disappointment of the party stalwarts and supporters around the country.
According to him, that was the basis for the political rancour between him and Mr. Margai.

He disclosed that few months back, he was approached by Mr. Margai with the suggestion that the merge the PMDC with the SLPP ahead of the 2012 elections.

“He called me up and made this proposal to me saying that if that happens, the PMDC will have the opportunity of providing the Running Mate to the SLPP flag bearer,” Bangura charged.

He said he responded to the proposal as “unacceptable and unconstitutional” and that it was not going to work. “I told him in no uncertain terms that it was not going to work as it will undermine our individual integrity and that of the party,” Bangura retorted, noting that it was just after that when he received a letter from Mr. Margai suspending him from the party.

“The matter however is a subject of the court between us and I would not want to expatiate on it any further,” he said.

He said he not afraid if the PMDC goes into an alliance with any party, pointing out that as far as he knows about the party, “its members have lost confidence in Mr. Margai” and therefore questioned, “With what membership support is he going to form an alliance with any party?” He accused Mr. Margai of being greedy, selfish and in lust for power, noting, “These are what have disqualified him for the leadership of this country,” Bangura further opined.

Responding to the allegations via mobile telephone contact, Mr. Margai declined to comment on the charges made against him by Mr. Bangura, Mr. Margai merely retorted, “As far as I am concerned, Mohamed Bangura is no longer a part of the PMDC.” He went on to refer these reporters to the Public Relations Unit of the party instead.

The Public Relations Officer for the PMDC, Michael Fortune however noted that their party has respect for democracy and freedom of association and therefore submitted that it is the constitutional and democratic right of Mr. Bangura and whosoever to decide to leave the party and form theirs. He added that the party had a formidable structure that is deep rooted at the grass root which ensures that with the likes of Mohamed Bangura leaving, “will not have any indelible strain on the party,” he concluded.

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