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UN Scribe Frowns at 29 December Inquest
By Sayoh Kamara
Sep 28, 2010, 17:08

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon has in his latest report on the peacebuilding process in Sierra Leone submitted to the Security Council on 17th September instant has frowned at the proposed inquest into the 29 December 1992 execution of Bambay Kamara, former Inspector General of Police and 27 others referring to it as a move that could have negative impact on the peace consolidation process and that could undermine the balance established in the 1999 Lome Peace Agreement.

It could be recalled that on 28th May this year, the APC run government announced plans to hold an inquest into the execution of on 29 December 1992 of the former Inspector General and 27 others during the administration of the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) which overthrew the then APC government in April of that year.

The SLPP objected to the inquest plan on the ground that it violated the amnesty granted under the Lome Peace Agreement of 1999 among other concerns. Some civil society organizations and the Human Rights Commission also expressed concerns that the planned inquest could lead to demands for inquiries into similar executions carried out by previous administrations. Other concerns hinged on the point that it could target certain prominent SLPP members who held leading positions in the NPRC administration. But serious of the concerns hinged on that which had to do with the generated strong ethnical and regional motivated and inflammatory attacks in the local media that was started by a strong member of the APC, Retired Lt. Colonel S.I.M. Turay.

Ban Ki Moon in this regard noted, my Executive Representative relayed to the government their concerns (concerns of the UN) that the planned inquest might impede efforts to sustain the momentum for political reconciliation and national cohesion.  

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