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Madam, You Have Lost All Credibility in Sierra Leone (We Reproduce Sama Banya’s Article)
By Awareness Times Features Department
Sep 28, 2010, 17:48

SYLVIA BLYDEN’S INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS: For those, (especially members of the Donor & International Community) who were not here in 2007, the article below by Dr. Sama Banya should, rightfully so, shock you. These revealed depths of dishonesty and fraudulent actions of Dr. Christiana Thorpe are just a tip of the iceberg. More revelations are coming about this Criminally-Minded and Dishonest Woman throughout this whole week!

What is of essence today is that after the following article of Sama Banya’s was published on December 3rd 2007, we were to learn Dr. Christiana Thorpe’s NEC ordered for their NEC Website to be totally wiped out with all its data. The website itself was deleted from the Internet! This is the woman that some unscrupulous and/or misguided Sierra Leoneans are hailing as a heroine and this is the woman that the leadership of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) have condescended to give credibility to and for whom they dare to make innuendoes against truly patriotic journalists like myself!

When journalists, who should be at the fore of asking hard questions and leading investigations into CRIMINAL & DISHONEST ELECTIONS ACTS, allow Schulenburg’s United Nations Dollars to determine the actions which SLAJ takes, then where is the country heading for???

When will we start to have Patriots in this country who take actions that put Sierra Leone FIRST and United Nations Dollars SECOND? That is the question that Umaru Fofana, Ishmail Koroma and others in SLAJ Executive need to answer to patriots like myself who are TOTALLY DISGUSTED with the latest SLAJ Press Release against ‘a section of the media’ whilst painting Christiana Thorpe as a woman to be placed on a pedestal and listened to despite the stated reservations of the country’s largest opposition political party and the stated reservations of opinion-makers in this country like myself.

Where is SLAJ heading with such openly one-sided tactics against the stated position of the SLPP when the Elections are still far away and remedial actions can be taken? Where is Sierra Leone heading for with the current leadership we have at SLAJ?

Now, for Dr.Banya’s article of December 3rd 2007:


Freetown, December 3rd 2007: Christiana Thorpe announced her doctored but bungled run-off results on the morning of September 17, 2007. Her undoing and exposure has now arisen from the facts I have always asserted that she and her United Nations provided computer expert Carlos worked backwards from figures they had manipulated. Thus on that fateful morning, at 8 o’clock, she produced figures of 950,407 and 789,651 votes for Ernest Bai Koroma and Solomon Berewa respectively. But at 8am, those figures did not tally with the total votes cast and so they pushed their news conference back and hurried to the computer room ensuring that Eddie Nyallay and Winston Minah were left behind.

When they came back, they still had some of the 8:00am print outs with them but those copies were quickly shuffled off the table to prevent Eddie Nyalley and Winston Minah from laying eyes on them but as luck would have it, those 8:00am printout copies landed into the appropriate hands eventually.

I note the recent ‘challenge’ by the versatile and formidable Awareness Times Publisher for me to produce those 8:00am figures and I hereby declare my intention to publicly hand them over for publication to any local media house who wishes to publish them. Just ask for copies of those 8:00 print outs and PUAWUI will make them available to you!


Moving on… As I said, they went back into the computer room and at 9.30am, Ms. Thorpe came out with figures that she not only thought, but hoped would hoodwink us into accepting without any critical analyses what she announced as the final results with ballots from 477 polling stations invalidated.


Readers may recall that I have repeatedly accused that in the doctored figures released, the votes from Kailahun District had been reduced from 165,913 at 8:00am to 125,414 at 9:30am, (that is from 90.7% to 68.19 %). Since that time we in the SLPP have consistently demanded from the NEC chairperson an explanation of where those figures had disappeared, but both she and her Carlos had arrogantly kept sealed lips.

Now, two months and eleven days later, or 71 days later, on Thursday November 29th 2007, NEC announces what is described in the AWOKO newspaper of Friday November 30th 2007, as “NEC-release-(Invalid) Kailahun Court Barray results” which gives additional 29,004 and 169,054 to Koroma and Berewa respectively. According to which Koroma’s total is 979,411 and Berewa’s 958,705 and Koroma wins by 20,706 votes.

Here again, we have glaring discrepancies which Ms. Thorpe hopes we would miss. Stay with me.

This woman forgets that before the break in the announcement of results on September 13, NEC had announced, nay printed out, that as at that time for Kailahun District, 181stations had been announced with 242 pending, that is a total of 423 stations for Kailahun.

On the morning of her September 17 announcement, she gave the results from 332 stations with 91 unanounced for Kailahun. Now on November 29, she tells the world that she invalidated only 90 stations in Kailahun; again we are bound to ask what she has done with the remaining one station.

Would Carlos and his team of either totally inept or totally criminal “United Nations Electoral Advisers” still be working on it or does Ms. Thorpe think that she has come to the end of her cat and mouse tricks?

Let me help Ms. Thorpe out here. Let us take a look at the Koinadugu figures she has now released.

On September 13th and all earlier releases of results of the Presidential Run-off Elections held Sept 8th, Koinadugu District had a grand total of ONLY 348 stations of which 289 was announced and 59  unannounced was the status for Koinadugu as at Sept 13th according to Ms. Thorpe’s own announcements.


Let us now look at her November 29 figures as released.


Koinadugu has mysteriously added an extra 1 station and now has 349 stations whilst Kailahun has lost one station and now has only 422! These are not my figures. These are figures released by Ms Thorpe herself. If you have questions as to how Kailahun lost and Koinadugu gained, you will have to ask Thorpe or Carlos Valenzuela; that is if you can find Valenzuela!

Let us move on further. I have the 8:00am results in my possession which shows the total number of voters (BEFORE DOCTORING UNDER THE GUISE OF INVALIDATION) to be 2,042,601 voters. However, Ms. Thorpe now wants us to believe that the total votes were only 1,783,851 plus her newly added 201,670 votes making those who cast votes on September 8th to be only 1,985,521. According to Thorpe, 57,080 VOTES HAVE SIMPLY DISAPPEARED!!


Also, Thorpe says only 1,985,521 voted September 8th against the 1,984,106 who voted on August 11th!


Thorpe and her United Nations handlers want the world to believe that despite the 102% who she claims over-voted in Kailahun plus the 105% who over-voted in Pujehun to name just two of the so-called over voting area’s figures, still, there were only a mere 1,415 more voters on Sept 8 than on Aug 11 on which latter date they say virtually no over-voting happened?

The NEC chair has been described in glowing terms by people like the UN’s Victor Angelo whose hands are far from clean in this whole episode of regime change. Former US Ambassador Thomas Neal Hull describes her as follows, “Christiana Thorpe, a formidable woman of great integrity, a former nun, who would not be cowed by politicians.” Of course there are other factors which though not cowering but could equally affect people’s judgment.

What is true of this lady is that she has dictatorial tendencies which make her take unilateral decisions which she executes in the name of the commission. On three occasions all four of her colleagues led by Commissioners Algassimu Jah and Olu-Williams revolted against her but for the intervention of former President Tejan Kabbah, she may not have survived long enough to indulge in such shadowy behaviour. On yet another occasion it was the intervention of former VP Solomon Berewa. This is whom Angelo and the regime change brigade refer to as an angel. Ha!

If Ms. Thorpe should harbour any hope of redeeming her reputation with us (the large number of Sierra Leoneans) who voted for Solomon Berewa, NEC should immediately publish polling station results country-wide especially up North and Western areas. This should include the district, location, centre number, polling station number, registered number of voters, total votes cast and any excess votes which would lead to invalidation. As readers can see, the gap is closing!

Please click the following link to see a photo snapshot of the actual document with bungled-up, doctored figures which were handed over to Journalists in Sierra Leone by Dr. Christiana Thorpe on November 29th 2007 as her invalidated results. In addition to Dr. Sama Banya's well laid out observations (published in this edition) about the cooked up figures shamelessly given to journalists by Thorpe with the connivance of UN staff brought in by Ban Ki Moon's Victor Angelo, please note also that the figures for Kenema and Kono have been (mistakenly) interchanged. The intrigue gets deeper. Download/View File ]


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