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Miata French Commented on NEC Website as NEC Website Melted Away with all Data!!! (Reproduced Article was first published on Dec 4, 2007)
By Sylvia Blyden
Sep 28, 2010, 17:47

Who Removed the Official NEC Website After Dr. Sama Banya’s Article of Yesterday December 3rd 2007?


(FIRST PUBLISHED IN DECEMBER 2007): Sierra Leoneans will all clearly recall the sharp voice of Dr. Christiana Thorpe during the daily press briefings she used to call up during the highly contested elections period. Even those who were internet and computer illiterates remember the following sentence she would always say over national radio and television.

“Following this press session, all the data and progressive results released so far, can be found on the NEC website at”, Thorpe would inform.

Therefore, following the amazing revelations by the astute Dr., Sama Banya yesterday December 3rd 2007, many Sierra Leoneans rushed to the NEC website to download the daily progressive results that the United Nations’ imported ‘technical advisers” had been uploading to the website. They were disappointed.

The official website of the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone had melted off cyberspace with all its very important data including the Database of Voter Register, the names of the elections contestants, the polling stations by district and just about every other historical data of record that an Electoral Commission worth its salt or a United Nations Technical Advisory team of credible men and women would want to have made available to the people of Sierra Leone.

We called up Madam Miata French the Spokesman at NEC and she confirmed that the website was removed because 'NEC is now concentrating on the upcoming Local Government Elections and the results and all data from the Presidential Elections are no more important to NEC'.

When pressed if the website would ever come back up as such an important institution needed an official website, she responded that it would be back up. However, Miata French was lying to us because as can be shown from the data retrieved from the Internet Registry and published here below, the website’s hosting was not only discontinued but the website domain name of WWW.NECSIERRALEONE.ORG which was fully paid for up till June 2008 has been virtually ordered deleted from the online records!

Infact, what even made it possible for us to retrieve the published data is because the Internet Rules dictate that domain name records be kept for up to 40 days even after the Delete Order has been given. Whoever removed the website offline had a desire to block the people of this great Nation from seeing their own data! In contrast, two years after their own elections of November 2005, Liberians can still access their NEC website at WWW.NECLIBERIA.ORG is still online with all its Year 2005 Elections Data freely available for anyone to check them out! A true sign of a free, fair and transparent process! Not the charade we were served in Year 2007 by the United Nations team and Christiana Thorpe! was yanked off the Internet by the United Nations Team with all of our country's Year 2007 elections results data on it because those data, if left to be well examined online would have exposed evidence of the shameful DISHONESTY of Christiana Thorpe and her team of elections data fraudsters

Awareness Times team of investigations led by the leading Sierra Leonean Website Consultant, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden decided to run some investigations into the ownership of the domain name. This is what we found when we ran a technical Whois Search Request at the Public Internet Registry



Created On: 01-Jun-2006

Expiration Date: 01-Jun-2008


Status: HOLD

Registrant Name: Erasmus Essah

Registrant Organization: 5M GHANA LIMITED

Registrant Country: GH (Ghana)

Admin Name: Nicholas Manu

Admin Organization: Mandic Vertriebs GmbH

Admin Country: DE (Germany)


When Awareness Times again tried to contact Miata French to put our findings to her for more details, we were unable to go through to her as, despite seeing our phone number on her mobile phone, she did not pick up her telephone lines following our initial line of questioning.

However, we have learnt from the former Chief Executive Officer of NEC, Mr. Hindowa Momoh that the website was created and under the full control of the Carlos Valenzuela team of “Technical Advisers” imported into Sierra Leone by ERSG Angelo’s United Nations.

PUBLISHER’S COMMENTS: This article above was first published almost three years ago and the numerous questions in it alongside those asked by Dr. Sama Banya (See Page 9) are still left unanswered and we have people telling us that Dr. Christiana Thorpe is a woman to be emulated and given a second chance to run another Presidential and General Elections in this country! With all the evidence published today, if there are people who still say Christiana Thorpe is a Role Model for Elections, those people need to have their heads checked out.
Meanwhile, the people of Liberia, FIVE YEARS after 2005, are still freely accessing NEC Liberia website with all Results therein whilst us poor Sierra Leoneans are left in anguished wilderness with no such access after we were royally screwed up by the United Nations ‘Technical Advisers’ and Dr. Christiana Ayoka Mary Thorpe! Christiana Thorpe is a Role Model? No, she is a shame. Shame! Shame!! Shame on you Dr. Christiana Thorpe!!!

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