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DECLARATION : Professor Ritchard Tamba M達ayo, Ph.D. Aspirant for the SLPP Leadership - (M達ayo for President 2012)
By Professor Ritchard Tamba M達ayo, Ph.D.
Sep 28, 2010, 17:22

Professor Ritchard Tamba M達ayo, Ph.D.
Two things are going to happen in Sierra Leone in 2012:
(1) The SLPP will be back in power, and
(2) we will have a new president with a new face, a fresh voice and international experience and a politically untarnished character.
There is an urgent need to expand the political space in our country in search for a new kind of leadership that will make a difference in the lives of our people; for new faces and fresh voices that will bring genuine change to our country. I知 entering the race for the leadership of the SLPP and ultimately for the presidency of Sierra Leone as a unifying force for change. Sierra Leone belongs to all of us; its problems are our problems, and all voices should be heard in making decisions that affect us all. My government will be inclusive, and will depict our national character, representing our people from all the regions in the governance of the country, including particularly the faces and voices of the youth and women of Sierra Leone.
I知 politically untarnished and fiercely independent-minded, and I知 entering the race as a new face, with a fresh voice and a global experience that our nation so desperately needs to move forward. Leadership is about solving problems. It is about creating enabling environments for people to pursue happiness for themselves and for their families. And those of us who have lived and worked in the developing countries and many other parts of the world know too well the difference that good leadership can make for a country and its people. I come also with a strong and longstanding background of political activism in the United States that kept me involved in the international politics of our country, especially during the war years.
Our campaign teams, with mainly youth and women leaders, are now working in all regions of the country explaining our 10-Point Agenda for Change to our people. At the top of our Agenda are (1) Education, (2) Youth Employment and Empowerment, (3) Gender Equity...
We welcome all Sierra Leoneans to join our campaign for change. A historic moment is on the political horizon of Sierra Leone and we must be prepared to seize it!

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