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Sierra Leone's Ruling Party Accused of Breaking Alliance Promises with PMDC Allies
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 28, 2010, 17:29

It has emerged strongly from a senior official of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) that the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party is surreptitiously using money and promises of job opportunities to win over its members with the ultimate aim of destroying the party ahead of the 2012 elections.

This was disclosed to this medium yesterday by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the PMDC, Munir A.Y. Koroma, who has stepped in the shoes of the substantive PRO, Michael Fortune who is said to currently be on another important assignment assigned to him by the National Advisory Council of the party.


According to Mr. Koroma, the move by the suspended Chairman of the party, Mohamed Bangura to allegedly form another party with members of the PMDC forming the core of its initial membership cannot be far from that grand scheme. He indicated that Mr. Bangura “has no moral high ground nor the finance to form a political party if he is not pampered and supported by the ruling APC” adding that the scheme is with the aim of capturing supporters from the PMDC so as to render it uncompetitive in the next elections.

“This just shows the rapacity and tenacity of Mr. Bangura who has by all intent and purposes manifested his avid support for the APC his godfathers, by this his new-found propagandist role,” Koroma opined.


He maintained that Mohamed Bangura and his "so-called team" have no intention of going into politics independently, rather, it is for them to ensure gratification from the APC party now as according to him, “Most of them including Bangura are desperate for jobs.”

He made reference to the propaganda radio programme on Universal Radio dubbed ‘Know Your Leaders’ which Mohamed Bangura uses to project his gratification of the APC as a way of gaining the attention of the President and his party members as well as providing proof of use of whatever funding he may be receiving from the APC. 

He accused Bangura of being a proxy of the APC by certain individuals within the party’s hierarchy who are seeing Mr. Charles Francis Margai as a threat to their ultimate political ambition.

He said with confidence that had it not been for the PMDC’s merger with the APC, “It would have been impossible for them to have darken the corridors of power in this country”, adding that the victory of the party was largely hinged on the confidence the people of Sierra Leone had in the PMDC and its leadership. He therefore warned the APC not to kill the hen that laid the golden eggs for its success.

“I still believe that the people of Sierra Leone still have confidence in the PMDC. We are going to prove that once again and prove that Mohamed Bangura is merely making vuvuzela noise over his popularity with the people of Sierra Leone,” Mr. Koroma challenged. He cited the disgraceful loss the PMDC suffered in last year’s bye-election in Gbinti with Mohamed Bangura as the party’s candidate as proof of “his insignificance even to his own people, not to say the entire people of the country”.


Koroma noted that prior to that bye-election, Mohamed Bangura had made the party believed he was popular with his people and that he could deliver the seat.


“It is now that we believe that it was a deceptive ploy aimed at stamping his recognition by the APC as a force to reckon with politically,” Koroma further charged.

He went on to reiterate his boss’s accusation of the APC being “ungrateful” reaffirming that the present move is all part of the grand ploy to destroy the PMDC. He however assured, “the PMDC will live for ever and ever more as Mohamed Bangura and his cohorts dig their own political graves.”

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