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SLPP Councilor 'Rescues' President Koroma in Sierra Leone
By Aruna Turay
Sep 28, 2010, 17:24

The latest contribution of Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP Councilor, Ibrahim Kabba, aka Small Borbor to the infrastructural development of the Goderich community has served as a rescue mission for the ruling party Leader, President Koroma, who will no longer have to struggle upon bad roads when he visits the Councilor’s area as he recently did. It will be an added recourse for what SLPP supporters call “APC balderdash” with regards their achievements, as the youthful Councilor has completed a self-sponsored road construction on the main road linking Funkia to Goderich which he commissioned last Saturday September 25th 2010.

The Councilor for Ward 331 Constituency 93 in the Western Rural District Council through the self-funded project which cost a whooping Le60Million has ensured that the deplorable and almost dilapidated road linking the fishing community of Funkia to Freetown reconstructed. The works entailed the construction of a bridge which had lain broken for quite sometime now and had made vehicular transport impossible to the fishing community and this was causing serious frustration to the fisher men in the community who depend wholly and solely on fishing for their livelihood.


President Koroma during his recent visit to the community to assess the ongoing Artisanal Fisheries Development Jetty Project experienced difficulty in negotiating his way to the project site due to the poor state of the road. According to Councilor Kabba while addressing his people, noted that he took up the challenge to do the road as a result of the emotional stress he saw in the President that day, noting further that his intervention is motivated by the general need of the people for the road to be done.


“I watched the President’s driver apply all his driving tactics in negotiating the dugout holes on the road just to ensure that President gets a smooth ride. That was heart-rending to me,” he told his audience on Saturday, during a meeting with his Ward 331 at the Funkia Community Center.

According to Councilor Kabba, there are dozens of APC Councilors in the Western Rural District Council who can access all the funding and other opportunities that could have seen the road done, but according to him, “they willfully did not do it because of partisan consideration and in the process, the Leader of their party had to go through the strains in trying to reach them,” Small Borbor said, adding that he had to do it because it was for his people.


“Now Mr. President can come to Funkia with a smooth drive,” he joked.

In a related development Councilor Ibrahim Kabba on the same Saturday donated twenty-four cartoons of marble tiles, sixteen bags of cement and bags of rice to youths of Goderich to undertake a project to rehabilitate all the water taps in the Goderich community. Councilor Kabba told his audience that one of his priorities as Councilor has always been to capacitate the youths and entrust them with responsibilities as a way of building them up for similar responsibilities as future leaders of the community.


The SLPP Councillor urged the youths to handle the project judiciously in the interest of the community. “This is just the beginning of my trust and confidence in your ability to implement community development projects on your own. I have every confidence that you will prove well,” he motivated the youths, while assuring them of more projects to entrust with them.

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