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Canada Provides Peace Keeping Training for SLP
By Aruna Turay
Sep 29, 2010, 17:12

A team of eight retired senior police officers from the Canadian Police Force (CPF) are presently in Sierra Leone to conduct an intense training of trainer’s course on peace keeping for personnel of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP).

This was disclosed to newsmen by the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Sierra Leone Police, Richard Moigbeh at the weekly police press briefing held at their George Street Headquarters in central Freetown on Tuesday 28th September 2010. According to DIG Moigbeh the eight retired senior police officers from Canadian are expected to be joined by two other senior staff from the Kofi Anan Training Center to conduct the training. He said the training has been slated to commence on Friday 1st October 2010 at the Samu Police Training Ground in Samu Chiefdom, and that it would entail courses in professional peace keeping and driving to meet with international standards.

“The training is part of SLP’s capacity building strive that is included in the force’s 2011 Strategic Development Plan,” he informed, adding that the first phase would target twenty-nine officers.  “Those trained will in turn serve as trainers for the other set of personnel,” he further noted.  He also disclosed that the peace keeping driving courses would be followed by a strategic operational command course for Local Unit Commanders, to be followed by advanced public order management training for personnel.

The DIG used the forum to inform the press and the general public that after intense renovation and rehabilitation with funds provided by the Government of Sierra Leone, the Samu Police Training Center has now been officially handed over to the SLP and ready for use.


He also disclosed that the new leadership was working on salary increase for personnel monthly rice quota, accommodation among others that befits a standard police force. “Draft proposal for conditions of service for personnel, terms and conditions of police welfare has been recently handed over to the Police Council for action, he concluded.  

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