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Dr. Soyei pays His Additional Le50 Million to lead SLPP into Elections
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 29, 2010, 17:18

One of the contenders for the flag bearer of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in its next year National Delegates’ Convention has completed the payment of the Le 50 Million stipulated candidature fee on Monday, 27th September 2010.

Dr. Anthony Kakpindi Soyei who had made the initial down deposit of Le10Million alongside 22 others earlier this month, made the balance payment of Le 40 Million directly to the Leader of the party; Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin at the party’s Headquarters on Wallace Johnson Street as a manifestation of his commitment to his intention to lead the party in the 2012 elections if approved by the National Delegates of the party.

Addressing a jam-packed hall at the SLPP office, Dr. Soyei said he was making the first move in completing his payment to prove that he means business, and to spur other like minds to do same.


He said he is now prepared to prove to party members especially the delegates and the entire people of Sierra Leone that even though young, he has all it takes for him to be the leader of the SLPP and win back power come 2012.

He said as young as he is, he believes he would be the most marketable to the youthful population of the country and to the international community. “This country now needs a leader that is young and has the strength to carry out the socio-economic development needs of the people, and as far as I see things, I am best suited for that task,” he told his cheering audience.


He however appealed to the delegates who would be making the choice of the party’s leader to be focused and be fair in their choice so as to produce for the people of Sierra Leone whom the voters would appreciate and ensure victory for the party in 2012.


Dr. Soyei used the opportunity to launch his Trust Fund “Dr. Anthony Kakpindi Soyei - Presidential Aspirant Campaign Fund” with its account number, 001-924464-250001 housed at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank. He appealed to party members, sympathizers, friends and supporters to contribute to the trust fund in other to fund his campaign and by extension give more financial support to the party.

He pointed out that his ideologies will help liberate the country from the clutches of the APC.

Receiving the cheque slip, Chairman Benjamin commended Dr. Soyei for the prudent step he has taken by completing the payment of the stipulated Le 50 Million commitment fee adding that he looks forward to the other aspirants to complete their payment before the said deadline. He called on supporters to be steadfast to the party’s ideals and to continue having faith in what they as Executive are doing.


John Benjamin assured that the outcome of the selection process would be acceptable to all and sundry, and called for continued party unity. He said the continued unity within the party during and after the emergence of the party’s flag bearer is the only thing that is required for the SLPP to rebound to power at exactly 12:00 noon in 2012.

The ceremony was climaxed by donations from Dr. Soyei’s supporters amounting to Le3Million as a starter to the trust fund. Soyei also promised that his ideologies will be that of the one which will change the country's present situation stated he is ready to change the party for the better with a new generation mentality which will ensure that there will be so much green around that there will be no more need for watermelon politics as the green will not just be on the outside but will permeate to every fibre of every individual in the country.

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