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Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh & His Misdirected Insult of James Jonah
By Sylvia O. Blyden (in London)
Sep 30, 2010, 17:20

One of my buddies called me up in London yesterday from Germany just to say she truly enjoyed my recent articles ‘calling a spade a spade’ in the process of my using the correct adjectives to describe Dr. Christiana Thorpe who has been wrongly labelled as a saint and/or angel for far too long now. The person was however curious as to why I only now decided ‘to remove the gloves’ after three years of subdued disdain at this Christiana Thorpe woman.

My response was simple. Christiana and her handlers are trying to re-write History and make it appear as if James Jonah was a villain who horribly handled 1996 Elections as compared to her being painted as a crusading modern day Joan of Arc who gave a free and fair elections results in 2007 for the first time in Sierra Leone. [Hogwash!]


So, I directed my buddy to go and read the original Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh’s article which sparked off my latest round of exposing Christiana Thorpe. Here follows one section:


“Why didn’t the rank and file of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) screamed blue murder when the then Chief Electoral Commissioner engaged in such blatant dishonesty in their favour? Why didn’t they “mammy cuss” Dr Jonah for tolerating election fraud? Because he was experimenting the “Kailahun Court Barray” logic, which states that even if there is over-voting, even if there is election fraud and unprincipled mathematical application; as long as the SLPP wins an election that election is credible”

– Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh.

What seems to be a display of callous insults being poured on the head of poor James Jonah in Mohamed’s choice words above, is in reality one of the many subliminal and other psychological tactics being cleverly applied in our national polity by those who wish to gloss over the shameful dishonesty of Dr. Christiana Thorpe when they present her in public light as if she is a woman worth emulating when it comes to Elections in Sierra Leone.

I hold no particular brief for Dr. James Jonah but it truly galled me to see in black and white, a fine gentleman but highly misinformed one like Mohamed Sankoh being used to unfairly insult Jonah as a man who “engaged in blatant dishonesty” simply because Thorpe needed to be painted as a heroine – which she is not!

I speak as one of the proponents of retention of Criminal Libel Laws in this country when I say with firm conviction that Christiana Thorpe, as I have repeatedly stated for the last one week, is a dishonest woman with a criminal-mindset who is totally unfit to be left once again in charge of important Presidential and General Elections in this country following her shameful tactics of the last five years.

On the contrary, Dr. James Jonah, with all his human frailties, simply does not fall into the category of those who ‘engaged or tolerated blatant dishonesty and electoral fraud’ as Mohamed Sankoh wanted his readers to believe. Infact, no genuine Sierra Leonean patriot can look at all the available facts about Christiana Thorpe’s conduct of the last 2007 Elections and exclude her from the allegation of blatant dishonesty and electoral fraud which were misdirected at James Jonah.

Dr. Christiana Thorpe, unlike James Jonah, had a wonderful invention known as the BALLOT VALIDATING STAMP (more on that in subsequent edition) which was supposed to ensure that over-voting of the likes of 1996 and 2002 did not occur in Sierra Leone ever again. And indeed, just so, no such over-voting occurred in Sierra Leone in 2007 Elections despite what her press handlers might try to portray of their FAKE HEROINE.

The reality that Dr. Christiana Thorpe will forever have to defend herself against, is the fact that though she was appointed by the SLPP, by the time of the Elections, she might have developed intense hatred for the SLPP, one of the players in the 2007 Elections; hatred that some of us greatly suspect she still latently harbours within her bosom! I say this because Samuel Maligi II, the man she is well known to be virtually remote-controlled by (one can euphemistically say he is her GUIDE), has now openly stated in the presence of a score of former SLPP Parliamentarians that by the 2007 Elections, he had grown hatred for the SLPP, his former party, because they failed to give him a symbol to contest elections.

Samuel Maligi II, is the BEST FRIEND and GUIDE (remote-controller) of Dr. Christiana Thorpe who acted as her GUIDE throughout 2007! I will even dare to go on and say that one of the reasons why Daphne Olu-Williams, a woman of relatively higher integrity, is today no more at National Electoral Commission as an Electoral Commissioner, is simply because Olu-Williams questioned at Adelaide Street, Dr. Christiana Thorpe’s BEST FRIEND and REMOTE-CONTROLLING GUIDE, Samuel Maligi II over NEC funding the supply of electricity to his private offices. You think Christiana Thorpe is incorrupt? Think again!

Today, Samuel Maligi II, who is currently a strong and key member of the APC and who DESPISES his former party, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) continues to be the BEST FRIEND and GUIDE of Dr. Christiana Thorpe and there are people who rightfully believe such a scenario will spell nothing but disaster for the SLPP come 2012 Elections with a possible national backlash!

To summarise for today, there are many reasons why Dr. James Jonah does not fall into the impugned dishonesty category into which Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh has tried to lump him into. Ironically, there many reasons why Dr. Christiana Thorpe, this dishonest and criminally-minded woman, falls precisely into such a category. The above facts about Sam Maligi II, the Electricity supply from NEC Generators to his Private Offices and subsequent ones about the purchase of Catholic Printing Press now used to print NEC Materials will all serve as an eye-opener for Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh that he was way off to insult Dr. James Jonah as a dishonest man whilst praising Thorpe as honest. James Jonah is not dishonest. Christiana Thorpe is dishonest and criminally-minded and I intend to continue to elaborate on her dishonesty and unfitness to run any more elections in this country. My Ink will flow ceaselessly on this matter from now until 2012 if need be... More Anon from London!

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