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Charles Margai Is An “Enigma” in Sierra Leone
By Bampia Bundu
Oct 1, 2010, 17:34

Publisher of Awareness Times and Socio-Political Commentator has stated that PMDC Leader Charles Margai was “an enigma” whilst warning that those who are trying to dismiss Mr. Charles Margai as a spent force might “be making a huge mistake”, the effect of which she described as “possibly incalculable to these misguided analysts and politicians”.

Sylvia Blyden, who was speaking on the line from London yesterday said she was bemused to see people already starting to dismiss Mr. Margai as being of no significance in the current national polity.

“This is the same mistake that Solomon Berewa, J.J. Saffa and many others made between 2005 to 2007 and it appears as if this is the same mistake that President Koroma, Alhaji I.B. Kargbo and many APC supporters seem to be intent to make from 2010 until 2012,” Sylvia Blyden observed.

According to Dr. Sylvia Blyden, she says she has spent the last twenty years closely studying the national polity and political players. She insists that she has been closely studying Lawyer Charles Margai now for almost ten years and she found him to be on the very egoistic side but certainly not on the stupid side of Sierra Leone politics.

Dr. Blyden also advised the SLPP Leadership to continue to court Charles Margai, “not for the position of flagbearer as he is past that point now but as a strong ally for whoever will emerge as the party’s flagbearer next year”.

“I have a lot of respect for the political skills of Charles Margai. He might have poor people skills but he cuts well in his relations with the common masses who are the ones who vote and change Governments through the ballot box. Charles Margai knows how to send powerful persuasive messages across various divides. I have studied Charles Margai very very well and he is not a man to be dismissed,” Dr. Blyden firmly stated.

Meanwhile, pundits now claim that J.B. Dauda, a close ally of Charles Margai has been earmarked as the alliance replacement for Margai insofar as garnering votes for South and East. In the upcoming Cabinet Reshuffle, our Presidential sources inform that Lawyer J.B. Dauda will be named as the replacement for Zainab Hawa Bangura at Foreign Affairs.

Sylvia Blyden had an opinion on that as well.

“If President Koroma thinks J.B. Dauda can effectively replace Charles Margai in garnering votes for the APC in 2012, he is mistaken,” Sylvia Blyden insisted although she quickly conceded that J.B. Dauda “does have some following” in the Eastern part of Sierra Leone.

Other pundits have also named a former Law Chamber partner of Mr. Charles Margai, Lawyer Arrow Bockarie of Bo Town as being one of the new strong allies that President Koroma is counting on alongside the likes of Musa Tarawalie and Moijue Kaikai, to help him make more inroads into the Southern Province for the 2012 Elections whilst J.B. Dauda will be expected to make inroads for President Koroma into the Eastern Province.

“As far as I am concerned, all of these people put together will not be able to effectively erase the charisma of a well-focussed Charles Margai standing solidly on the side of the SLPP, the party of his late father,” Sylvia Blyden ended.

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