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In Sierra Leone, Zain-Sierra Leone Introduces Per Second Billing for International Calls
By Augustine Samba
Oct 5, 2010, 13:43

In line with the Company’s vision to provide affordable telecommunications to every Sierra Leonean, and in a bid to consolidate the gains the company has made in other mobile telecommunication areas, Zain-Sierra Leone, the sole ‘integrated’ telecom operator in Sierra Leone and sole provider of BlackBerry, Zap and One Network services, yesterday, Monday, 3rd October 2010 announced that all calls to international destinations would henceforth be billed per seconds.


At the end of a typical minute call, the following destinations would be billed 35 units namely; the United Kingdom , U.S.A. , South Africa , Lebanon & Guinea . All other countries would be billed 40 units after a minute call; but for all these calls, the subscriber now only pays for what he or she uses and this is called the per-second billing.

Zain currently has the cheapest off-net (Zain to other networks) tariff of 12 units per minutes which has been unconquerable by any service provider in Sierra Leone since its disclosure. This is also on the per-second billing platform which also means subscribers only pay for what they use as Zain is currently bent on making communication accessible for all Sierra Leoneans in time for the Sierra Leone @ 50 Anniversary.


On-net calls (Zain to Zain) are billed for just 9 units per minute all day and this is also billed per second. Zain also practices free calls every day from 2 am to 5 am. SMS from Zain is also the cheapest as it ranges from 2 units, 3 units & 8 units for Zain to Zain, Zain to other networks & Zain to International respectively in that order.

“Since the day the company was established in Sierra Leone , Zain has striven to make telecommunications a necessity in terms of increasing GSM penetration among Sierra Leoneans, and to put Sierra Leone ahead of the other regional countries in the Communications and IT field,” said Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications - Mr. Kelvin Kellie.


There is no doubt that the products and services of Zain affect the life of every Sierra Leonean. It affects the economy of this country, and it affects our relationship with the outside world, hence numerous positive impacts to the people and the State of Sierra Leone.

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