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Kailahun Votes Invalidation: not Standing on Firmer Ground but Sinking in Quicksand
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Oct 6, 2010, 17:24

As an Annie Walsh School Debating Champion, I know how a loser can behave when he is bereft of facts to back up his position in a debate. Mohamed Sankoh has lost his ‘Kailahun Court Barray Logic’ argument and so he now resorts to manufacturing ‘Mammy Curses’ where none had appeared from this pen towards him. He is deflecting attention from the dubious sinking sand he finds himself by claiming to be standing on non-existent higher ground. I sympathise with him because the poor lad has had to contend with facts I have presented as against his own fiction he had presented to justify the illegal act of Christiana Thorpe invalidating huge swathes of areas in the South-East under the guise of claiming over-voting occurred in those regions.


Readers will recall that in my direct rejoinder to his ‘Kailahun Court Barray Logic’, I challenged him to do provide us with figures which must have inspired him scurrying off to NEC to find the figures; pity though that he has come back to report to us empty-handed. As has been the case since September 2007, despite ‘one week researching’ at NEC, neither Christiana Thorpe nor Mohamed Sankoh can produce figures of the over-voting.


I can imagine how gobsmacked he must have been whilst he was ‘researching’ only for me to produce, from my well-stocked Elections 2007 archives, those shameful December 2007 Cooked-up ‘Invalidated’ Results produced by this shameless woman called Christiana Thorpe in which Kailahun, Koinadugu, Kenema and Kono results as cooked up by her, became a self-inflicted embarrassment for her and the last nail in the coffin of her credibility. Poor Mohamed; I can imagine how his face must have fallen; faced with having to defend the indefensible.


Mohamed Sankoh cannot touch those facts and instead of addressing the issue and accepting he was on the wrong side of History, he speaks of ‘standing on firmer ground’ when all what he has done is slipped even further down the depths of dubious sands.


Just look at him writing about the Commissioners’ Meeting of September 11th held at 3:30pm at NEC as follows: “At this meeting, which people like Dr. Blyden and Dr. Banya were never preview to or never have access to its minutes; NEC unanimously took the following decisions in respect of different cases of voter turnout at polling stations nationwide in the interest of transparency and credibility of the electoral process” and then he outlines the three case scenarios with glee like a child discovering an unexpected trove of candies.


This is where Mohamed further slipped from his perceived ‘firmer ground’ into the depths of dubious quicksand where the more he wriggles, the deeper he sinks. Announcing with ill-contained glee his ‘discovery’ of the above NEC Minutes which Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh said he ‘spent the whole week at NEC ferreting out’ has simply succeeded in making even more of a mockery of his position than before because the information above which he seems to believe we (Dr. Banya and Dr. Blyden) were not privy to, had already been widely disseminated to millions of people via the NEC Press Briefing which was held on September 12th 2007 during which was distributed; both physically and by email attachments, copies of the very same signed Minutes he is only now ‘discovering’. Sad ehn?


Mohamed, my brother, scanned copies of those Signed NEC Minutes, you are only discovering now in October 2010, have been in my e-mail box since September 2007 and they are also in the email boxes of dozens and dozens and dozens of other local and international journalists and actors! They have been in the mailboxes of all the country’s diplomatic missions since September 2007!


Not only that but on December 11th 2007, Lawyer Bu-Buakei Jabbi filed an AFFIDAVIT at the Law Courts sworn to by J.J. Saffa in support of the case brought against Dr. Christiana Thorpe by the SLPP. In it, Saffa cites the same NEC Minute by saying in Paragraph 9(c) that attached to his affidavit, was the “Minutes of NEC Meeting held at 3.30 p.m. on 11 September 2007, herein marked JJS3, recording NEC’s decisions in respect of different cases of voter turnout at polling stations nationwide".


Mohamed, what you have ‘discovered’ and for which you insult both Dr. Banya and Dr. Blyden is public document filed even at the Law Courts! It is like you are discovering America after Christopher Columbus or discovering Sierra Leone after Pedro Da Cintra. How I pity you young man!


Now, for your knowledge, please learn today that the simple reason which caused Eddie Nyallay and Winston Minah to walk out of British Council on September 17th 2007, was not over the issue of the well-publicised document which they had signed on September 11th 2007 about voting case scenarios but was over the issue that the contents of the Results announced on that day was totally strange to them as it did not fit in with their own situation report which had showed that contrary to the much touted noises coming from the pro-APC camp, no over-voting had occurred in Kailahun and many other places in South and East.


That Situation Report is what was in the possession of Eddie Nyallay and Winston Minah only for them to arrive at British Council and meet unscrupulous members of International and Diplomatic Community (The Regime Changers) all seated awaiting questionable Final Results Announcement. Realising that the Results to be announced were not to their knowledge or agreement, the two gentlemen could not be a party to the Shameful Charade by the Diplomats and Christiana Thorpe and so they walked out with their heads held high! Although they have been unduly punished, their heads are still held high as they should be. We are proud of them for showing integrity where others acted dubiously and criminally!


The opinion of many Sierra Leoneans is that each of those two men (Nyallay & Minah) have far more integrity in their little fingers than Christiana Thorpe has in her whole body!


Indeed, the reality as was eloquently put by SLPP Secretary General J.J. Saffa on 19th September 2007 is that up to this day of October 6th 2010, there is no evidence of any over-voting that justified Christiana Thorpe’s illegal disenfranchisement. Read the words of J.J. Saffa as he cogently spoke on 19th September 2007 in protest even as he acceded to the results “in the interest of peace and development”.


"The process of invalidation was dubious. The SLPP cannot establish how correct that was. To establish that indeed there was "over voting" (voter turnout exceeding 100%) and for the sake of transparency, the Parties should have been informed and recounting undertaken in the presence of both the APC and SLPP agents. Unfortunately, this did not happen," J.J. Saffa stated adding that, "in an unprecedented manner", Christiana Thorpe alone (without the knowledge of her Fellow Commissioners) worked with U.N. Technical staff to “input figures throughout the night of Sunday 16, 2007,". These SLPP’s allegations have never been disputed.


So, Mohamed Sankoh should note that his 'higher moral ground' has slipped even further down the depths with the above information that Christiana Thorpe, his heroine, worked behind the backs of her Fellow Commissioners to input results into NEC database for areas under the mandated supervision of those very same Commissioners. Where is her moral higher ground? The East was under the Mandate of Eddie Nyallay and the South was under the Mandate of Winston Minah. Why input data from the East and from the South SECRETLY behind their backs if the data was accurate and there was no nefarious motive? Why hide away the whole night working to input data without telling these two men that data from their regions were being processed? Why act so surreptitiously if you are a transparent woman? Why act like a SANTIBOKIAT if you are an ANGEL?


Christiana Thorpe sneakily worked in a dubious manner behind Eddie Nyallay and Winston Minah’s backs even after she had gotten them to sign that illegal agreement with her. Why? What is heroic about such vile, sneaky actions? Where is the high moral ground to be claimed by anyone for such reprehensible actions against your own Fellow Commissioners?


Now, I really wish Mohamed Sankoh had told me he was going to NEC to research last week, I would have asked him to research on so many issues whilst he was there such as why it was that Dr. Christiana Thorpe severally asked political parties to cross-check their own polling station data slips with the information she was putting on her website of only for her to go on and ignore Solomon Berewa’s written observations about the stupendous discrepancies with the Results of Bonthe as announced on September 13th 2007? Please check below for those foolish and flawed data on Bonthe and senseless National Totals Christiana Thorpe churned out on September 13th 2007 which senseless Mathematics have never been defended up to this day.


I would have also asked Mohamed Sankoh to research into why Dr. Christiana Thorpe LIED to the whole world on September 11th 2007 when she said NEC had removed data from certain polling stations in Bombali District for further investigations due to suspicious voting patterns. It was a LIE. She never did remove them from the Database. She is a LIAR. A dishonest woman. A sneak. A criminally-minded woman who lies and who is unfit to run any more elections in this country.


Anyway, poor Mohamed Sankoh spent the whole week at NEC ‘researching’ to defend the dishonest and criminally-minded Christiana Thorpe but could only come up with information that was already widely known, lodged at the Law Courts as evidence against Thorpe and in the possession of even cub reporters who covered the 2007 Press Briefings of Christiana Thorpe! Little wonder why he had to throw his hands up in the air and explains that he could care less why the NEC Sierra Leone Website was removed and deleted because he says he is “not a computer geek”.


He says he cares less because he is check-mated. He is bluffing. He is putting a brave face on a disorientating reality. (Ee dey take dry-yai cober shame). Mohamed is simply confessing that he cannot defend the indefensible!


What does Computer Geek have to do with basic logic? The website of Sierra Leone’s NEC was removed and hastily deleted whilst the website of Liberia’s NEC is still intact because the data on Sierra Leone’s NEC website was so seriously flawed that if it had continued to be kept online for researchers, an uproar would have resulted.


Some of us still have lots and lots of Elections 2007 Data but we want peace and stability in this country so we do not usually speak about the sham that was perpetuated but I can write books on those elections!!


To end, let me disabuse Mohamed of his belief that he was the only catalyst for my current exposes. No, he was not. There are many other catalysts for the ongoing exercise which he could discover if he reads well into my article. You see, whilst SLAJ Leadership and Mohamed Sankoh had tried last week to give credibility to an incredulous situation, I ensured I effectively did my patriotic duty to properly inform the world about the dangers ahead. I am still not finished yet as if Christiana Thorpe insists on conducting the elections, we will do our best to highlight why she should NOT conduct them. As the U.N. Secretary-General said last week, this is a “critical” issue even though the likes of Mohamed Sankoh might not see it to be so.


Bottomline, Mohamed Sankoh says he is standing on firmer ground but really, as a fellow Princewalean, I find myself asking of him about just how firm is his higher ground? From where I am standing, the man seems to be wriggling in dubious low-grounded quicksand. The more he tries to defend the indefensible and dishonest Christiana Thorpe, the worse he makes it for her. It is like quicksand. The more he wriggles, the deeper he is sinking along with her. Indeed Mohamed Sankoh is right on one point which is that Christiana Thorpe is to be pitied for her recalcitrance because even more disgrace is on the way for her as a result of her recalcitrance. Stay tuned. She is unfit and so she should quit before she destroys our country.

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