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In Sierra Leone, “ALLFOUNDERS is a Private Members Club” …..Spencer-Coker
By Aruna Turay
Oct 6, 2010, 17:02

Contrary to several publications in various local newspapers recently which suggests that the ALLFOUNDERS Club is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the Chief of Administration for Club, Lawrence Spencer-Coker has corrected this error by revealing to this press Tuesday, 5th October 2010 at his Waterloo Street office that the organization IS NOT AN NGO, rather, it is a Private Members Club that is keen to be known as a CLUB for people who have founded and/or invented something with a mission to generate wealth.

The Chief of Administration noted further that ALLFOUNDERS is aiming at attracting membership from “those proud business owners and inventors who do not want to go the NGO route but believe in entrepreneurship.” He said the club draws its membership from people everywhere.

According to him, ALLFOUNDERS firmly believes that one in two graduates should be guided to choose to, and just as important, be equipped to found or invent successfully, adding that in every 50% of people going into business, half of them should be females.

On the 29th and 30th September and 1st October 2010, he went on, the ALLFOUNDERS hosted a Global Summit at the British Council Auditorium on Tower Hill in Freetown, that has as its primary target audience, recent graduates from universities, colleges and vocational institutions, with a secondary target audience being anyone who is relatively new in business.

He further informed that this years’ Global Summit which has its theme, “My job is owning my own business” was designed to inspire and inform the next generation of successful founders and inventors, assist existing founders and inventors to generate wealth; do a detailed introduction of ALLFOUNDERS to the public, and showcase business opportunities and raise funds for the work of ALLFOUNDERS.

He further noted that each segment/topic in the two-day Summit marketed a unique experience geared towards helping founders and inventors to excel in business. Day one of the Summit he went on, dealt with the sub topic; “I am going into Business” in which areas such as ‘Live your passions now!’; ‘What are the best finds for businesses and inventions?’ ‘What should I register?’ Etc. The second day dealt accordingly with the sub topic, “I am ready in Business” which saw through areas such as ‘Just do it’, ‘What is your business really worth?’ ‘Power of branding’, ‘Making it to the top’, and case studies on exit strategies etc.

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