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Murtala Mohamed appeals for RSLAF
Oct 6, 2010, 17:28

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Leoneís foremost entertainment website have appealed to the United States Government for more support for the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF).


Murtala Mohamed Kamara was part of a discussion which focuses on assessing President Barack Obama policy towards Africa at the just concluded Africa Policy Forum: A vision for the 21st Century at the Marquis Ballroom A in Atlanta, Georgia. The panel discussion was focused more on Obama policy towards Africa and his global health care initiative plan.


Ms Susan Paige, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (tentative) and Gen. William Ward, Commander US Africa Command represented the US administration at the two hours discussion. Ms Mbarka Bouaidi, the youngest Moroccan Member of Parliament who is also the Chair of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and National Defense and Religious Affairs was also part of the panel.


Making his presentation, Kamara appealed to Gen. Ward for his administration support towards the RSLAF. He said the British Government through the International Military Advisory Training Team (IMMAT) has been very supportive to the RSLAF over the years. ďThis region used to be one of the most dangerous region some twelve to fifteen years agoÖ After the end of the civil war the British Government has been very supportive to our army. Today we have one of the best army in the region providing training for even armed forces in the region but the RSLAF remains one of the most ill equipped armed forces in the world. Just recently you (Gen Ward) went to Sierra Leone to meet with our President. I donít know what is Obamaís policy towards providing support for security forces like RSLAF to sustain peace in that regionĒ Kamara asked Gen Ward.


  Gen. Ward in his response maintains that the US has been very supportive over the years to RSLAF. He said they have provided training and equipment for the Navy of RSLAF and that they are more than will to do more. He assured me during a private meeting that he will soon embark on another visit to Sierra Leone.


Founded by Rev. H. Sullivan, the Africa Policy Forum has attracted thousands of delegates from within and outside Africa. The forum aims to bridge the gap between Africa and US through economic corporation among other things.


The next summit will be hosted in Morocco.

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