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In Sierra Leone, Human Rights Commission Holds 3 Days Constructive Engagement on SOHR
By Bampia Bundu
Oct 6, 2010, 17:10

The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone on 5th October 2010 kick-started a three-day constructive engagement on the State of the Human Right Report (SOHR) 2009 at the Presidential Lounge, National Stadium in Freetown.

In his welcome address the Regional Human Rights Officer, Western Area Mr. Bankole C.E Morgan noted that the purpose of the engagement was deliberate with civil society organizations, government officials and other relevant stakeholders on the findings and recommendations of the human rights report as compiled by the commission. She said it was necessary that targeted participants understood the recommendations contained in the report so as to serve as agents to educate their communities and organizational structures to make meaningful contributions towards its adoption for a way forward.

Mr. Morgan furthered that as a commission with focus on human rights, they believed in participatory democracy as bedrock for true democratic practice.  Gone are the days when people planed for others. For our age, planning process for the benefit of all should be participatory, and that is just what we are doing, he posited, adding that it was a novel engagement for the commission to bring together stakeholders to make their imputes in the formulation of the state of the human right report which he said would be replicated in other parts of the country. He in that regard encouraged participants to be more proactive in the deliberations.

In his statement, Alhaji Mohamed Waritay of Democracy Sierra Leone commended the commission for inviting them to such a session.  He said they would use experience gained from the forum to educate others. We are happy because this time around we have the chance to add our voices to the compilation of the report, he noted while calling on colleague participants to take human rights issues seriously.

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