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Alpha Timbo to Address SLPP Delegates
By Bampia Bundu
Oct 6, 2010, 17:26

One of the leading aspiring candidates for flag bearer position of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Hon. Alpha O. Timbo will on Thursday 7th October 2010 address Western Area delegates and other senior members of the SLPP at a dinner to be hosted at the Eastern Paddy’s Night Club in the Eastern Part of Freetown.

Speaking to this reporter in an interview on yesterday at his Sandas Street Office, Hon Timbo disclosed that he would be hosting the delegates to showcase his eligibility and plans ahead of the National Delegates’ Conference next year in Bo City.


He also said he would use the dinner to bid a formal farewell to the delegates as he would be traveling to the United States of America to witness a fund raising ceremony to be organized by the ‘A.O. Timbo USA Caucus Group’ under the leadership of the caucus leadership headed by Messrs. Lawyer Salu Bah and Alex Bangura.


“Thursday's event at Eastern Paddy's is going to be an SLPP dinner where delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions about my intension to lead the party as well as engaging them in interactive session,” he informed. He rated his confidence in winning the delegates’ votes as "high" as according to him, he was doing everything to ensure that he secured more votes.

Hon. Timbo took the opportunity to commend his USA Caucus Group for greatly helping him in galvanizing more support for him in the Diaspora.


“The race has just begun; we will know who is who when the actual time comes,” he said, maintaining that if the SLPP must win the 2012 election “I am your answer; I will beat Ernest Koroma hands down.”


He cautioned that the race would not be for those that lavish money on delegates but unable to deliver. “The race is for men who are easy to be marketed,” he iterated, while appealing to delegates to put the party first when casting their votes as they would have to determine the future of the party.

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