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In Sierra Leone, Procurement officer Damns Detractors
By Paul Lamin
Oct 6, 2010, 17:12

The Procurement Officer attached to the Kenema City Council, Daniel Kpukumu has warned members of the community and workers of the Kenema City Council who are engaged in subversive moves geared towards undermining his status in the council to stop hence forth.

Daniel Kpukumu made this call amidst journalists and community members last week after noticing that some ill motivated Sierra Leoneans were poised to tarnish his good character built over the years in the public service.  He was speaking in reference to a recent domestic matter between his family and a Fulani business man that was blown out of proportion by those he referred to as ‘disgruntled members of the Kenema community.’


Daniel Kpukumu further informed the gathering that that those who were seeking his down fall would soon be exposed and it would be very dangerous for them when the arrow shall have turned towards them. “I came to this place very much prepared for any eventuality,” he said, adding that he went through tough trainings to acquire that status and it would be very difficult for the detractor to attain such status for which they have resorted to cheaper means of scandal to destroy his good name. “I am presently enjoying good working relationship with my bosses, the mayor and the Chief Administrator to name but few, and I urge you all to join us develop the community rather than pulling down one another,’ the officer concluded.


It could be recalled that after his transfer to Kenema sometime in April this year, some strange happenings ranging from mysterious appearance of a black snake in the office to the discovery of various ‘talismans’ became proofs that people were strongly against him.

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