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In Sierra Leone, Child Rescue Mission Launches Campaign on Inhospitable Environment
By Bankole T. M. Turay (Freelance Researcher)
Oct 6, 2010, 17:20

Child Rescue Mission-Sierra Leone (CRM-SL), a community-based organization operating in Koindu Town in the Eastern part of Sierra Leone last Saturday the 2nd of October, 2010 concluded a one-day sensitization campaign on addressing the unfriendly environmental measures within communities in post war Sierra Leone and the control of Waste Management in rural areas in Sierra Leone. The programme was funded by Disney Friends for Change, a youth service programme based in the United States of America.


The programme started with a procession from the Community Court Barray through the Guinea/Liberia Road, the central business district of Koindu Town.

The theme, Celebrate the Environment was aimed at showcasing the links of the Disney Project with the International Coastal Clean up Day. It was also aimed at raising awareness in the community on the need to join the Disney Project as Friends for Change.


In his welcome address, the Regent Chief of Konio Section, in the Kissy Teng Chiefdom, Kailahun District, admonished members of his community to properly manage their waste as it is a health hazard when exposed or improperly managed. He stressed the need for the community to institute bye-laws in that regard as a way of ensuring a clean environment and good health for all. He henceforth ordered that anyone caught throwing filth in the town would be brought to book with serious consequences.


The Project Coordinator, Sahr Yillia thanked all stakeholders present for their kind and hospitable working relationship and urged them to put hands on deck for the development of the chiefdom. He informed the gathering about the essence of the programme, which he stressed, is aimed at ensuring proper management of waste in the chiefdom. He noted that as an indigene of the community, development as his priority is deep down in his heart. He encouraged all and sundry to cooperate with the Chiefs order to make the Chiefdom risk-free of health hazards.


Chief Foyoh Section Chief for Tolli Section expressed appreciation of the project, lauding the efforts of the organization in raising awareness on the need for cleanliness in the community.


The indefatigable and hard working Councilor, Madam Fanta Alpha lauded the programme and encouraged members of the community to compliment the efforts of the organization to continue cleaning the community every Saturday. She suggested the setting up of Cleaning Day Coordinating Committee to ensure sustainability of the programme.


The Community Health Officer, Suliaman Kanneh reiterated the statements of previous speakers and advised that it is better to prevent diseases from invading the community than fighting to its prevalence. He warned against unclean gutters and water run ways as well as the throwing of containers that can keep water, these he said, are potential breeding places for mosquitoes, the principal agents for the spread of malaria. He also thanked Child Rescue-Sierra Leone for the initiative, noting that if the messages sent out by the project are adhered to, It will as well aid my job as the Community Health Officer, he noted.

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