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In Sierra Leone, Zain 2010 Corporate Football Kicks off
By Augustine Samba
Oct 6, 2010, 17:22

Sierra Leoneís leading telecommunication company, Zain on Saturday 2nd¬†October 2010 commenced its annual corporate football tournament at the Wilberforce Hockey Pitch in the west end of Freetown. The ĎZainí annual tournament is organized to bring business houses together to participate in football matches to share funs, jokes and unity among them.


At the opening ceremony the head of corporate affairs and communication at Zain,¬†¬†¬† Kelvin Kellie said the tournament was a tradition for the company to bring their valued customers together as a family. He maintained that for the past two years since the initiative started, participating institutions have been very interactive with each other in the name of soccer. According to him, this yearís tournament was going to be very unique and interesting as four new institutions were ready to come on board to add the number to twelve contestants. He said the matches are being scheduled to play on every weekend, and that all twelve teams are encouraged to display their fair play skills.


On the first day of the matches, the Special Courts for Sierra Leone battled with Standard Charted Bank. There was equal opportunity for both teams at the beginning of the game but the league took a turn in the first half when Francis Kelfala replaced Alpha Bangura of the Special Courts as he maneuvered a swift goal.  The defending champion showed a better quality in the first half but the bankers did not succeed.


In the second half of the tournament, Standard Charted players were hipper vigilant but the Court players continued to maintain their strength and skills. In the end they were able to win the first match of the Zain 2010 football tournament with one goal to nil against Standard Chartered Bank.


UNICEL and UNIPSIOL were also expected in the second match but UNIPSIL neither did nor surface in the field.  

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