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After Spurned Love Advance, Sierra Leone Schoolboy resorts to Knife Gangsterism
By Augustine Samba
Oct 7, 2010, 17:14

The pervasive gansterism and apparent hooliganism and thuggery exhibited by secondary school pupils today in Sierra Leone should be a concern to all and sundry and therefore requires astute vigilance if these youngsters are not to become potential troubleshooters in the country in the near future.


This has been made clear with the arrest and seizure of a sharp kitchen knife from a JSS II Pupil of the Government Rokel Secondary School on Tuesday, 5th October instant around the vicinity of the Office of the Vice President at Tower Hill in Freetown by one of the Vice President's Security Guards.


The JSS II boy, name not disclosed, was overheard by Sergeant Tumani Marah threatening to stab a female pupil of the United Methodist Church Secondary School after they had an altercation on their way from school. The boys voice was heard loud and sharp and the girl was seen shaking with fear as the boy rushed towards her with his hands in his bag.


It was at this juncture that Sergeant Marah whose attention had been drawn to the two children rushed to where the boy had already blocked the way of the girl and held his hand while it was still in the bag. To the awe and shock of other police officers and passersby, Sergeant Marah forced his hands in the boys bag and came out with the sharp glittering kitchen knife which he told this reporter was being held firm by the boy.

The girl, Maseray Jalloh, explained to this reporter that the boy had made some advances to her by way of telling that he loves her, but that she had told him, she was not interested.


It was after that that he started insulting me and telling me that I was in fact a prostitute, Maseray explained adding that among her response to that insult, she too had referred the insult to the boys sister and mother.


The boy said he never intended to injure the girl in spite of the fact that he had threatened to do just that. He said that he is used to carrying the knife in his bag and that he uses the knife to peel mangoes and plums for his ground soup.


I would not have injured her at all, the boy had insisted, but said that he merely wanted to scare the girl, so that she can respect me, he said.

He was however held in custody at the security post pending the arrival of his parents.


Sergeant Marah commented to this reporter that it was good that he went to the scene of the fracas quick or else, he maintained, That boy would have injured that girl for no good reason, he said.


He called on teachers to also be vigilant over the attitudes and conducts of their students and to be searching any student who carries a bag to school.


It is this same kind of tactics that these pupils adopt during their inter-schools sports and games to cause mayhem on their colleagues, Sergeant Marah noted.

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