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Charles Margai Undresses APC in Makeni: Claims Ernest Koroma gave $300,000 cash to Mohamed Bangura for New Party
By Mohamed Kabba in Makeni
Oct 8, 2010, 11:18

As part of his national tours to sensitize his party supporters and sympathizers on the current impasse between his political party and the ruling party, the leader of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Lawyer Charles Francis Margai has told his Makeni-based supporters within this first week of October 2010, that the APC party has failed the PMDC resulting in him currently being in a deepest state of regret as to why he had ever merged with the APC party. Margai was speaking at a well attended meeting at the PMDC’s Azzolini Highway office in Makeni City, which is the home city of President Koroma.

Given instances from the past, Charles Margai said since time immemorial, the APC as a party has never successfully been able to penetrate the South-East with their political messages but that through his intervention as a result of the merger, the APC were able to make their way in the Southeast during the 2007 Runoff Elections.

Mr. Margai said that contrary to what was recently bandied around, he has been using his own money to traverse the length and breadth of the South-East as a way of selling President Koroma to Southeastern people but Margai said all his efforts were not appreciated "by some greedy politicians" whom he said had surrounded President Koroma.

Speaking about the three years of APC in office, Mr. Margai said he was reserving his comments for now because he said so many "crazy, crazy things" had been done by the APC in the last three years that he needed to call up a special international press conference to reveal all of the "crazy things". This international press conference he proposed would happen within the next three weeks inside the capital city of Freetown after he would have compiled all the necessary facts together.

Mr. Margai stated that during the international press conference in Freetown, he will be giving documentary evidence of the entire good and bad things done by the ruling APC party. Of interest, is that he hailed President Koroma as "a hardworking man" but went on to assert that he would "never, never again" align or merge himself with President Koroma’s APC because of "many reasons" that he said he would reveal at the upcoming international press conference where he said diplomats would be invited to listen.

Margai said if President Koroma did not remove the "bad, rotten eggs" from around him, these "rotten eggs" will sink the APC party forever and "APC will never rise again". He named one of the "rotten eggs" as the Information Minister, Hon. Alhaji I.B. Kargbo, whom Margai alleged of tarnishing his own personal character and said he had already given an ultimatum to I.B. Kargbo which if not heeded to, would result in him teaching him a "bitter lesson". Hon. I.B. Kargbo, like President Koroma, also hails from Makeni. Kargbo recently blasted Margai as a corrupt blackmailer which has been speculated to be a reaction by Kargbo to Margai first allegedly insulting Kargbo and the APC Party.

Addressing the issue of his suspended party Chairman Mohamed Bangura, Mr. Margai said, he had "recorded evidence" in which he alleged it is revealed that President Koroma, "gave Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars" to Mohamed Bangura to form Bangura’s new political party which according to him is aiming at victimising Charles Margai and destroying Margai’s political career.

However, speaking to Awareness Times last night, Mohamed Bangura has denied receiving any such amount of cash from President Koroma. According to Bangura, US$300,000 was "not a small sum" and whilst he accepted that he has "adequate funds" in his possession right now to jumpstart his new party, all such funds, he said, were from his own "personal resources" and that of his "partners both locally and in the Diaspora".

Meanwhile, also to speak alongside Margai at the Makeni PMDC Party office was the PMDC’s Youth Leader, Brima J. Bangura who called on the youths of Makeni to embrace Charles Margai and the PMDC as they prepared "to face the battle to take the Presidency come 2012 elections". The youth leader urged his people to focus on what will bring development and not propaganda. The jam-packed meeting was also graced by supporters from the ruling APC, the main opposition SLPP, and other invited guests.

The reactions, in Makeni, to the comments from Mr. Margai have been varied. Some people believe that he is indeed just a blackmailer who wants money from President Koroma as alleged by I.B. Kargbo whilst others believe that he has been treated very shabbily by the APC.

Awareness Times is keeping close attention to the unfolding scenario and we will keep our readers well informed.

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