From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Oct 8, 2010, 11:02

His Excellency will open another session of Parliament this morning; from past experience much of it will be devoted to a review of the government’s achievements, the constraints that it has experienced and then the programme for the next twelve month, or shall we say for the remaining two years of its tenure. One mistake that political supporters of Presidents make is the belief that heads of state being omnipotent never put their foot wrong. Everything done is praised in superlative terms even where the reality on the ground tells a different story. This has been more conspicuously demonstrated since his Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma assumed the mantle of head of state three years ago. To his supporters everything he has touched has automatically turned into gold. Absolutely no one has had the effrontery to say to the young man even in private that some actions need to be reviewed. Those of us in the opposition party whose duty it is not only to highlight such weaknesses, but to criticize them as the results of inefficiency and inability are described with unprintable adjectives.




Naturally some of us have hit back as hard as we had received, which augurs well for democracy. But do our actions qualify us to be labeled as enemies of change and progress? There is no doubt that his Excellency’s speech writers will emphasise how his policies have transformed the lives of the people of this country. To such people I would pose the question in which positive way the APC government’s programmes have made life better for its citizens. Like I always insist in saying to my critics, looking at the misery that stares one in the face, could we honestly say that the lives of our people have been transformed for the better as the likes of Paul Kamara would like his readers to believe? Would it not be an exercise in self delusion for Makuta, Uncle Joe and the other miserable characters in Paul’s “mamma salone en pikin” to continue screaming how the Mendes had destroyed the country but that Obai was now doing the right thing because he was an unadulterated Limba? Who will tell Paul that it is a dangerous and irresponsible game to continue referring to the Mendes as cannibals? But none of these things bother a lot of people because they apply to us the alleged enemies of progress. In spite of all the recent disclosures about the actions of the NEC chairman Christiana Thorpe, she is described as having been internationally acknowledged for conducting free and fair elections UNDER AN SLPP REGIME. As I keep repeating our problem has not been with the conduct of the elections but with the manipulation of the voting figures by Christiana Thorpe.


It would be good and rewarding for his Excellency to now and again reflect on many of the national issues raised by the opposition rather dismissing them as he is wont to do with a wave of his hand. 

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