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In Sierra Leone, Health for All Coalition Launches Monitoring Report
By Augustine Samba
Oct 11, 2010, 12:32

In a bid to enhance transparency and accountability in the free health care process, Health for All Coalition-Sierra Leone (HFAC-SL) on the 7th October, 2010 launched their independent quarterly monitoring report at State House in Freetown. This is the first report ever launched by the coalition leading the monitoring process of the free health care initiative.

In a press conference held at the HFAC office in Freetown past Friday, the executive director of the coalition, Mr. Charles Mambu said the free health care independent quarterly monitoring report has already been submitted to President Koroma. He disclosed that the report covers drugs distribution monitoring and key findings from all the districts in Sierra Leone involving the threat to free health care, and general recommendation. According to Mr. Mambua HFAC have personnel in all district and chiefdom levels that supervise the distribution of free health care drugs in all hospitals and health care facilities. He further informed that other stakeholders including UNICEF, the ministry of health and civil society have helped greatly in the distribution and supply of drugs through a well coordinated process from Freetown to other parts of the country.

Mr. Mambu highlighted that they are faced with constraints in the monitoring exercise such as some health centres facing drug shortages, theft, lack of storage facilities and inadequate health workers among others. He also spoke of concerns raised by the Health Workers’ Union for excluding some personnel from benefiting from the free health care salary increment. Furthermore, in his monitoring report Mr. Mambu urged the government and donor partners to strengthen support for the project for sustainability. The report also raised concerns over the untimely supply of drugs as well as procurement procedures and the identification of drugs and materials for transparency and accountability sake.

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