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Who Vindicated Abdul Tejan-Cole? – I Pause.
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Oct 14, 2010, 17:06

I had promised my readers yesterday that we would be taking a look at the comments (reported by Umaru Fofana over the BBC) allegedly made to Umaru by run-away Anti Corruption Commissioner Abdul Tejan-Cole opining he had been “vindicated” by the Ademusu Judgment.

However, as was pointed out to me yesterday by a very good friend of mine, since it was a third-party allegedly making the statement on behalf of Mr. Abdul Tejan-Cole, I should give Tejan-Cole the benefit of the doubt and allow him to make the self-gratifying statement directly to the public in the form of a proper press interview before I respond to the issue of his perceived ‘vindication’.

And so, I pause as I await...

Meanwhile, due to the tremendous interest generated yesterday, we have again reproduced in this edition, our yesterday articles on the ACC, Afsatu & Gloria Newman-Smart as well as Oswald Hancile’s piece on our slavish complex and our correspondent’s piece on corruption by British politicians. They are all inside this edition.

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