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In Sierra Leone, CGG concludes Dialogue Forum on the come back of District Officers
By Bampia Bundu
Oct 15, 2010, 17:00

In Pursuance of its aim of promoting democratic participation, efficient and transparent governance at the local level, Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) has on Thursday 14th October 2010 hold a one day forum on the reintroduction of District Officers (DOs) in Local Governance at Santanno House on Howe Street in Freetown .

In her atatement CGG National Coordinator, Madam Valnora Edwin .noted that they were currently implementing a Project titled "Monitoring Local Councils" which is aimed at addressing several issues including increase in quality and quantity of public debates on local governance issues, transparency of government operations and the publication of the Decentralization Watch Journal. "The project seeks to promote information, accountability and transparency for increased ownership of democratic governance and efficient service delivery at the local level," she posited, adding that it would also engage key stakeholders on specific issues through advocacy geared towards reform of the Local Government Act of 2004.

Madam Edwin advanced that Government’s intention to reintroduce the District Officers (DOs) as part of the governance structure to create the necessary linkage(s) between the Central Government and the Local Councils/Chiefdoms has opened a wide range of debate. She therefore said the essence of the forum is to evaluate the justifications for the reinstatement considering the numerous governance structures being created at the local level; and if such a move will not jeopardize those structure.

She ended by appealing to stakeholders to participate in the forum for them to add their voice to the deliberations for a way forward.

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