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In Sierra Leone, Girl 3 Suffers Excessive Tumor
By Aruna Turay
Oct 15, 2010, 17:12

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Rowaca Cancer Group - Sierra Leone, with the support of Childhood Cancer (CHOC) South Africa has joined the parents of Zainab Koroma, a three-year-old girl living with excessive tumor since, to search for good will persons and organizations to help save the poor girl’s life.

Rowaca is leading the advocacy for medi­cal treatment for Zainab who has become partially blind as a result of excessive tumor in the right eye.


Rowaca Team Leader in Sierra Leone, Mr. Alpha Kamara on Thursday 14th October, 2010 in an exclusive chat said Zainab was born healthy but traditional practices militated against her as she started growing up.


“According to family sources Zainab’s problem started when an elderly relation one day told her parents that she possessed some supernatural powers and that she needed to be warded off of the evil spirit,” Mr. Kamara confided, saying Zainab was then taken to a witch doctor who administered several droplets of liquids from herbs in her eye that now affects her sight.

He said Zainab had been taken to several eye clinics across the country; and in Freetown they finally told the parents that she has lost sight from her right eye. “I was informed of Zainab’s swollen eyes and I started making visits to assess her true state of health,” Mr. Kamara advanced, adding that it was the seriousness of her condition that warranted him to urgently inform Childhood Cancer Foundation in South Africa for help. “They have made frantic efforts to save the girl’s life by attracting international concerns,” he stated, though he said they were still seeking for more support from other humanitarian organizations and individuals to save Zainab. 

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