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In Sierra Leone, Abdul Tejan Cole Loses Two Corruption Cases
Oct 18, 2010, 12:28

Even as runaway Anti Corruption Commissioner Abdul Tejan-Cole and his media allies were allegedly boasting that his conduct of cases brought to the Law Courts were above board and the cases were water-tight, the DFID funded, Gambian born Justice Mary Sey, was, for the first time since she arrived in Sierra Leone, busy putting the final touches to her two judgments delivered against the Anti Corruption Commission last Friday October 15, 2010 in which she acquitted and discharged Establishment Secretary A.C. Ngaujah who had been defended by Lawyer Blyden Jenkins-Johnston. She however convicted Permanent Secretary Mr. Samuel Huggins on one count of corruption.

British DFID funded Justice Mary Sey: has given first 2 Judgments against ACC

On the same day, shortly after acquitting Ngaujah, Justice Mary Sey also acquitted and discharged former Deputy Director of Education, Paul Joe Lappia of Ministry of Education who had been dragged to court by the Anti Corruption Commission on a 9-Count charge of corrupt misappropriation. He was acquitted and discharged of all the charges. Lappia was defended by Lawyer Easmon Ngakui.


Friday was the very first time that the Anti Corruption Commission lost matters in front of Justice Mary Sey. There has been no word yet from either the runaway Commissioner Abdul Tejan Cole or the ACC itself over their loss of two major cases on the same day. We will bring you the full texts of the two judgments subsequently as delivered by the Learned Hon. Justice Mary Sey.

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