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In Sierra Leone, London Mining Boosts 50th Anniversary Committee
By Bampia Bundu
Oct 18, 2010, 12:30

London Mining Company (LMC) has on Friday, 15th October 2010 given boost to the 50th Independent Anniversary Committee with the donation of two brand new Toyota Four Runner Jeeps during a brief ceremony at the Committee’s 56b Main Motor Road Headquarters in Freetown.


The vehicles, each costing US$47,000 were presented to the Committee by the Head of Investments of London Mining Company, Thomas Credland. He noted the company’s several interventions in the social development of the country in line with its corporate social responsibility, in spite of the fact that the company is yet to commence effective mining. He however assured that once they start mining proper, they will increase their corporate social responsibility in terms of development in line with government’s Agenda for Change. He appealed to the committee to use the vehicles for the purpose they are being given. 

Receiving the vehicles, the Chairman of the National Planning Committee, Dr. William Konteh expressed thanks and appreciation to the company for what he called “this wonderful gesture” and assured that they would be used for the intended purpose. He noted that as a Committee, they value the contributions of each and every citizen or corporate body in the country as long as their gestures aim at ensuring the successive achievement of their objective.

Konteh said they have the mandate to ensure that the 50th Independence Anniversary celebration has a national flavour for which he noted, “The donation of these two vehicles will help ensure just that.”

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Alieu Pat Sowe on behalf of government commended London Mining Company for the donation and referred to it as “this first bold step towards ensuring a successful 50th Independence Anniversary celebration campaign.” He said the Committee needs more vehicles to facilitate movements of its members across the country in their bid to raise awareness amongst the people and to educate them on plans as to how the celebrations would be conducted.


Appealing to other corporate concerns and members of the public to give more helping hands to the Committee, Minister Sowe assured that the vehicles would be used for their intended purpose. “If all the corporate bodies operating in the country should come to the aid of the 50th Independence Anniversary Committee, the country would have a formidable celebration and that would put Sierra Leone positively in the eyes of our international friends and partners,” the Minister said.

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