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In Sierra Leone, Labour Congress on Capacity Building for the Informal Sector
By Mohamed Kanu
Oct 20, 2010, 17:04

The Sierra Leone Labour Congress (SLLC) has commenced a three-day needs and capacity assessment workshop for the informal sector.  The workshop which started on Tuesday 19th October, 2010 is made possible with the collaboration of LO-FTF Council Danida of Denmark. It has as theme “Decent employment in West Africa Project”.  The essence of the workshop is to enable the leaderships of informal Sectors, unions or organizations affiliated to the Sierra Leone Labour Congress to undertake a critical assessment and formulate strategic plans of action aimed at identifying the needs and challenges of their members as well as the sector. This includes their roles and getting clear picture of the current Decent Employment Agenda in West Africa Project. Giving a brief background of the project at the opening ceremony, Labour Congress Director of Education, Max Conteh informed that Sierra Leone is among five others that are benefiting from the Decent Employment Project in West Africa which he said was as a result of the country’s partnership with the LO-FTF Council since 1896, with full cooperation in 2007.  He disclosed that the project’s span is supposed to be for four years but that Sierra Leone has only been funded for two years to serve as years of evaluation after which we can attract the remaining two years if well implemented. He said all this was through the effort of Evan Tabor, the West Africa International Adviser of LO-FTF Council.  “The project if successful will help enhance the informal sector especially the Motor Bike Riders’ Union, Photographs’ and others to be transformed into the formal sector.

Education Board Chairperson, Denis JB Wright thanked LO-FIF Council for granting them such an opportunity to improve the informal which he said is the sector that is presently driving our economy. He assured of Congress’ Continued effort to lobby with government for better operational environment.  He expressed hope that by the end of the first two years of the project, policies which the sector can go by would have been formed so that they could be seen as active partners in economic development.

LO-FTF representative and project facilitator, Evan Tobor in her short delivery confirmed her organizational support to the Sierra Leone Labour Congress. She urged the congress to adhere to their promises and assurance to enhance the informal sector.

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