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Amadu Jalloh is Sierra Leone President come 2012 - Says NDA
By Our correspondent
Oct 22, 2010, 17:18

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in a recent statement sent to Awareness Times expresses the belief that the NDA Leader, Alhaji Amadu Jalloh was all set to implement strategies that will see his party win the 2012 Elections and replace the current ruling All People’s Congress (APC) at the helm of Governance in country. According to the release, the NDA held a successful planning meeting via a conference call with over a hundred participants, bringing its newest members into the fold.


The leader of the party, Alhaji Amadu Jalloh enlightened the newcomers with a brief history on the party’s motto “Respect for all,” and explained the party’s logo of a standing black elephant in a shield against a white background. The standing elephant depicts strength, unity, tolerance, power, dignity and humility. The shield symbolizes NDA party’s determination to protect and defend the territorial integrity of Sierra Leone and the sovereignty of the people of Sierra Leone. The white background denotes peace and freedom. The official colors of the party are black and white. Black: standing for beauty, resilience, strength, love and unity. White: representing peace and freedom.


The meeting touched on very important and significant aspects affecting Sierra Leone’s political platform of today such as corruption which is still eating away at our development, the empowerment of women which still has a long way to go, the increasing number of homeless children roaming around the streets of Sierra Leone, particularly around State House under the president’s nose, and the bringing in of investors to empower Sierra Leone to develop its economy and empower the youths so we are not forever dependent on hand outs.

Alhaji Jalloh, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Momoh years, speaks like a true father who wants to look after his nation.  Jalloh is determined to create awareness of what is happening in Sierra Leone today, even though some people are ignorant of the actual facts this only strengthens his determination to continue in his campaign for fellow citizens to take the blinkers off their eyes and open their ears to a new and better way to move forward.


The party brain stormed strategies for the upcoming 2012 election, with the main objective being to increase the number of NDA chapters by expanding further in the USA and preparing to take the party chapters worldwide.

Newcomers were enthusiastic about being members of the party due to the fact that they want the country to develop and its citizens to suffer less.  After listening to the party leader’s encouraging words, and the plans the party is making, the new members were confident that the NDA can make Sierra Leone a better place for today’s and future generations.  Jalloh made it clear to members that each and every one of them are future runners for the party leadership as long as they are qualified to be a leader of the party and to be president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Aminata Koroma, a 22 year old female, native of Kabala, Konadugu district, who is currently studying at the University of Massachusetts welcomed and appreciated the open arms and equal rights the leader gave to everyone in the party regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or age.  Aminata was impressed that the leader treats everyone equally and was in line with the motto of the party ‘respect for all’, in that the young have to respect the elder, and likewise, the elders respect the young; respect goes a long way, she concluded.

Members were enthusiastic about the recent progress of the party as it continues to increase its membership and funding in preparation for the 2012 elections.

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