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When a Leader becomes Power-Drunk
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Oct 22, 2010, 17:14

When a Leader has amassed so much ill-gotten wealth for himself that he now believes he can buy silence from just about anyone in his country, believe me when I say that Leader’s final destination is the rocks. When a Leader surrounds himself with persons whom in reality hold him in total contempt but pretend to respect him since they won’t want to lose the benefits of being around the leadership or out of fear of reprisals, then that Leader is on a destructive path of self-delusion.

Such a Leader can now be so drunk; so power-drunk with a feeling of invincibility that he goes about trampling on the rights of his people with total disregard for their feelings. This is because the Leader believes that he is now so powerful and unprecedentedly rich that he can get away with just about anything with impunity. Such a Leader believes those amongst his citizenry whom he cannot buy with his ill-gotten wealth, he will successfully intimidate using a variety of repulsive tactics.

Such a Leader will assume that everyone is fickle-minded enough to have a price in monetary figures rather than be persuasively swayed by constitutionally correct proactive service to the Nation; he also assumes that the number who cannot be bought are infinitesimal enough to be intimidated under cover of legitimate exercises without the world taking notice. In the process, such a Leader carries himself around as if he is the State and the State is himself.

With such misconceived ‘omnipotence’, he misleads himself into assuming the powers to just wake up one morning, disregard constitutional and acceptable civilised procedures and order for Citizens to be abruptly sacked or elevated even as civility frowns on such misadventures!

Ever so often, such a power-drunk Leader emerges in our midst. At such challenging times, with the power of foresight and lessons of days gone by, the wise ones will quietly sigh and say to one another: “This too, shall pass” whilst comfortable in the knowledge that past Leaders have similarly perceived themselves as invincible in their repulsive actions; only to violently crash-land when the Almighty decided that the Day of Reckoning was at hand. Let me end this short piece with one unshakeable assurance that if there is one thing I know, it is the fact that there is a God.


BIBLICAL PASSAGES: Ephesians(4:14) and Psalms(20:7)

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