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In Sierra Leone, Kailahun Subscribers Brace Up for Zain MAMA
By Augustine Samba
Oct 25, 2010, 12:24

Zain’s subscribers in the eastern provincial district of Kailahun are currently bracing up to be part of the MAMA’s show scheduled to take place in Lagos this year.

This reporter was in Kailahun over the weekend to sound the views of Zain subscribers on the Zain MAMA to Tanzania or Lagos. In Daru, the chiefdom headquarter town of Jawei, our reporter spoke to a group of youth organizations, the business community and other residents.  In that random interview, most of those spoken to disclosed that they are currently engaged in buying Zain recharge cards for dispatching blank messages to 6262 in order to be part of the Zain Mama 2010.  Samu Kallon was one of the subscribers who registered his unreserved impression by Zain’s recent promotions as great opportunities given to them as subscribers.  ‘We saw our colleague subscribers going to South Africa to witness the World Cup tournament so we are happy for this other  opportunity given to lucky subscribers to spend time in Lagos to enjoy a musical show,’ he maintained, adding  ‘this is remarkable to some of us who have never traveled out of the country.’

 An old man, Mohamed Tanga also said he had been taught by his daughter how to go to Zain MAMA in Lagos Nigeria. ‘I know what to do and I have done it myself several times,’ he disclosed, saying he had always appreciated Zain for giving opportunities to all classes of people, poor or rich ,old or young to feel part of the Wonderful World. According to him, Zain has a very big field that caters for all players as long as you are a subscriber. ‘Sometimes back a charcoal seller won a Zain house which was very inspiring to us as subscribers,’ he said, adding that it is an indication that Zain is always ready and prepared to create more avenues for its customers.

In Segbwema, motor bike riders also told this reporter that they were doing their best to have representatives at the Zain MAMA in Lagos. They said whatever Zain promises in terms of promotion are true. 

Zain has put at stake for so many weekly prizes for subscribes. The promotion ‘Zain Change is in the Air’ has given the opportunity to all Zain subscribers to send their names to MAMA’s short code 6262 for just 10 units. They can win fantastic prizes like Le500, 000.00, Internet modems and other consolation prizes. Winners of the weekly prizes will in turn be chanced to win a ticket with expensive paid trip plus pocket allowance to the MAMA event in Tanzania, and the MAMA show in Lagos Nigeria.

Zain has staked four tickets for four lucky subscribers- two to Lagos and two to Tanzania. The Journalist that makes the best coverage of the promotion is expected to witness the event in Lagos.

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