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In Sierra Leone, Unicef Funds Cord-Sl To Celebrate Global Handwashing Week In Moyamba & Pujehun Districts
Oct 25, 2010, 12:20

Sierra Leone has a high rate of child mortality, a menace that militates against the country’s development. Critical in this light is the improper or poor hygiene practices across the country. The importance of good hygiene and sanitary behavior ensures improved health for children and mothers and with adequate access to water improved health practices will directly control and or reduce morbidity and mortality rates. Hand washing with soap is one of the most effective ways of preventing diarrhoea diseases and pneumonia in children, which together are responsible for the majority of children’s deaths. Every year, more than3.5 million children do not live to celebrate their fifth birthday. Yet despite its life saving potential, hand washing with soap is seldom practiced and not easy to promote.    

UNICEF/CORD-Sierra Leone, no doubt perceive the sanitary and hygiene conditions of pupils across the country appalling, thus, the need for the implementation of School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) and School Sanitation Hygiene Education (SSHE) in several primary schools in the country. CORD being one of its most reliable partners, UNICEF awarded the organization SLTS/SSHE projects to be implemented in primary schools to curb the prevailing poor health and sanitary conditions of pupils and their communities.  As part of the SLTS/SSHE project activities, CORD shall be constructing new hand pump wells and latrines in all project schools in Moyamba, Pujehun, Kenema and Port Loko Districts. The organization joins the world to celebrate the Annual Global Hand Washing Day.   

CORD-SL in collaboration with UNICEF has ended a week long celebration of global hand washing in Moyamba and Pujehun Districts, 11th -15 October 2010. This week is set aside to awaken people’s awareness on the importance of hand washing.


This year’s celebration targeted primary school pupils. They can be behavior Change Agents in their communities. Events were climaxed with the distribution of bicycles by CORD-SL to the various School Health Clubs to facilitate the movement of members in carrying out good hygiene & sanitation behavior massages. Several practical hand washing with soap and clean water demonstrations were done by pupils using traditional apparatus. See photos on scenes from the two districts.



Pupils pose for the Camera

A Helath club member washing her hands

A member of a cultural group washing her hands

Pupils processing through the streets of Moyamba

Dr. Alfred J. Moosa, a representative from the MOHS demonstrates hand washing

A brilliant pupil washing her hands as colleagues look on

Club members poses with their bicycles



Pupils processing through the streets of Pujehun

Drama group members washing hands with soap

A pupil washes her hands after using the latrine

Pupils singing hand washing songs

Bicycles presented to Health Club members

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