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In Sierra Leone, Africell Presents Hajj Packages to Winners
By Bampia Bundu
Oct 29, 2010, 17:02

One of the leading telecommunication companies in Sierra Leone, Africell-Lintel on Friday 22nd October, 2010 presented hajj packages to three winners of the Africell Ramadan Promotion at the company’s headquarters, Wilberforce Street in Freetown.  The lucky winners were Mr. Mohamed Sheriff Jalloh, Issa Sesay and Madam Musu Marah of Wilberforce Community.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Head of Section and Marketing Africell, Nancy L. Joseph recalled that it was at that same venue during one of their presentations for the Treasure Hunt Promotion that the Africell Ramadan Promotion was officially launched or subscribers. She said the Ramadan Promotion involved Quranic recitations and the timing for prayers.


One of the beneficiaries Musu Marah reveiving her package


“As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Africell has thought it fit to join Muslim brothers and sisters to observe the just concluded Ramadan month,” Madam Joseph informed, saying subscribers were given the opportunity to listen to the (144) Surahs of the Muslim Holy Book where they were asked to dial 7100 code and follow recorded instructions. She said once the instructions were given subscribers were expected to recite the different Surahs from the first to the last.

She went on to say that the prayer time service gave subscribers the opportunity to be reminded of the times for the five daily obligatory prayers by sending blank SMS or SUB to 7120, after which he or she would receive a reminder before each of the daily prayer times.

Africell Admin Director Presenmting gift to one of the winner

Presenting the package to the winners, the Administrative Director of Africell, Mr. Abdul Aziz Gabisi noted that the company recognized and respected all faiths in the country, adding that in line with this practice, maximum respectability was given to the last Holy Month of Ramadan as one of the pillars of Islam.  He disclosed that the sponsorship “packaged” included Air fare, accommodation in Mecca and Jedda, transportation and health care plus an undisclosed amount for personal expenses.  “The two winners are not only lucky but committed and loyal customers of Africell,” he noted.

Mr. Gabisi made a public presentation of one of the winners, Mrs. Musu Marah of the Wilberforce Community. “She is a winner because she is one person in the Wilberforce Community to be sponsored by Africell to perform the Hajj this year,” he said, adding that her packaged trip will be the same as those of Messrs. Mohamed Sheriff Jalloh and Issa Sesay.


The three lucky winners pose for Awareness Times

He confirmed that his company would continue to lead in the delivery of environmental and community services to improve the quality of life of Sierra Leoneans.

A statement of appreciation was made by the three beneficiaries, each thanking Africell for such generosity. All of them assured the company that they would ever remain grateful to Africall. They also promised to serve as ambassadors of Africell and would always remain loyal to the company. Statement was also made by Hon. Chernor Maju Bah.


Members of the high table

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