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In Sierra Leone, Reginald Fynn is President of the Bar
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Oct 29, 2010, 17:18

The Sierra Leone Bar Association has yesterday October 28, 2010 elected a new President to replace Lawyer Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara who resigned his position as President of the Bar upon taking up recent appointment as Anti Corruption Commissioner.

Thetwo contestants for the position were Reginald Fynn Esq. and Ansu Lansana Esq. with Reginald Fynn emerging victorious in a landslide victory as the new President of the Bar Association.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with this paper yesterday shortly after he won the elections, the  Bar President expressed gratitude to lawyer colleagues for the confidence reposed in him.

“I am humbled by the knowledge that my colleagues hold me in such esteem,” the Bar President stated adding that he was determined to continue the mandate of his predecessor.

“I intend to pursue the vision and mandate of Joseph Kamara. I see this win today as a renewal of the mandate that was given to Joseph and myself,” said Fynn who used to serve as Joseph Kamara’s Vice President before Kamara resigned from office.

Speaking a little on his visionary plans, Lawyer Fynn stated an ambition to transform the Annual Bar Association Dinner to one of further significance by making it a charitable event. The precise recipeint of such charitable fund-raising efforts would be announced later he said after consultations with his colleagues at the Bar..

He also revealed he will continue to place emphasis on Legal Aid for deserving citizens in need of such and promised even more focus on a pursuance of justice for victims of gender and sexually violent crimes.

Meanwhile, the new Vice President of the Bar Association who will now serve under President Reginald Fynn is Lawyer Floyd Alex Davis.

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