From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Ernest Koroma’s Watergate?
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Oct 29, 2010, 17:16

Yesterday’s startling revelations by SLPP including allegation President Koroma might have tried to pervert justice with secret meeting alongside Afsatu & her lawyers, can be likened to the Watergate Scandal which eventually drove American President Nixon out of office. It is a Big Bombshell! Le300Million to dance at Bumbuna? Ernest Koroma’s APC anti-corruption credentials are gone!  

Whilst the chances of Sierra Leone Parliament impeaching Ernest Koroma are slim, the voters now know that the systematic looting of funds from the Fisheries Special Account started way, way before the arrival of Haja Afsatu Kabba at Fisheries Ministry. They started long before!

This looting did not happen under SLPP’s Dr. Chernor Jalloh as Fisheries Minister but commenced as soon as President Koroma took office in late 2007! The SLPP Press Statement and documents speak for themselves which leaves one with the question of: Is Afsatu Kabba the Criminal or was someone else higher up sanctioning these corrupt withdrawals that started even before Afsatu Kabba took over Fisheries Ministry? Why would President Koroma take it upon himself to invite Afsatu Kabba and her lawyers to his residence in the middle of the night? What was he worried about? This is the first real test for Joseph Kamara of the Anti Corruption Commission! In spirit of Open Government & Freedom of Information, we DEMAND answers to all burning questions!

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