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Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) Electoral Commissioner Cautions Detractors
By Bampia Bundu
Nov 2, 2010, 17:00

The Electoral Commissioner of the Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA), Mr. Desmond B. Finney on 1st November 2010 cautioned those he referred to as detractors within the association not to bring the image of the association to disrepute by their actions.

Addressing a cross section of the media at Premier Media Office, Circular Road in Freetown, Mr. Finney opined that since he was elected to that office by a two-third majority consent, he was willing and prepared to ensure free and fair elections. “On Sunday 31st November, 2010 over 70 members confirmed me as the Electoral Commissioner for the forthcoming Sierra Leone Athletics Congress to be held on the 18 November,” he told press men, adding that out of 23 clubs countrywide, 18 were represented in the election by their presidents and secretary generals. “The Parliamentary Sports Committee was also represented by Mr. Mohamed Koroma, and Mr. Nyande of the National Olympics Committee who gave a solidarity statement supporting the process.”

On the forthcoming election, he informed journalists that the briefing was going to serve as the forum to open nominations for interested aspirants for the various executive positions in writing at least a week before Election Day.

He used the opportunity to appeal to those clubs an
d other stakeholders who were represented at the meeting where he was unanimously elected to come onboard to push the process forward, while ensuring that the election would be held on the stipulated date.

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