From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Mohamed Should Blame President & Margai; Not J.O.B
By Alimamy M. Kargbo
Nov 3, 2010, 17:12

Mohamed Bangura, I understand is not happy that SLPP Leader John Ben has reminded us of the allegation made by Mr. Charles Margai up in Makeni last month that President Koroma is involved in a shady US$300,000 deal to set up Mohamed Bangura in a new political party.

However, I think Brother Mohamed is mis-directing his anger. He should be blaming President Koroma who got I. B. Kargbo to retract the blackmail comments against Mr. Margai but was content to leave Mr. Margaiís US$300,000 allegation stand unchallenged.

All what John Ben has done is recall what Margai said which President Koroma has not ever denied; even after a State Lodge peace-making dinner with Margai and I.B. Kargbo. Blame President & Charles Margai and not John Benjamin. Thank you very much.

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