From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Time to Read Between the Lines (Part 1)
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Nov 3, 2010, 17:10

It is becoming clear to politically conscious observers that persistent attacks on selected APC or State functionaries which appear on pages of certain newspapers, have the blessings of powerful figure(s) within the ruling APC party who would like to have those APC personalities removed from office but wish to first sway public opinion against them in order to minimise the expected backlash of such removals.

These particular newspapers are not anti-corruption activists as they self-portray themselves but are merely tools being used by certain powers-that-be within the Koroma regime, to mislead the public that the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone is taking hold when the real corrupt persons are going about their corruption unhindered and untouched.

Contrary to what my detractors like to peddle, I am rarely wrong on political issues in Sierra Leone as my insights are usually spot-on. This has been proved over and over again in this country. Take it or leave it!

In this light, I can safely state that almost all politicians or State actors who are persistently vilified on the pages of certain newspapers, have fallen afoul of certain power(s) that be inside the APC and are to be offered as a sacrificial lamb or bullied out of office. I can bet my last leone on this!

SLPP meanwhile, is suffering from serious penetration into their ranks; penetration of Fifth Columnists in the pay of the ruling APC. This number includes certain Pseudo-SLPP journalists whose ultimate aim is to line their pockets from APC coffers whilst portraying themselves as SLPP members! Dangerous!

Not only is their behaviour sickening but it is also dangerous because it means the country’s democratic credentials are at risk since these opportunists pretend to be the ‘true voice’ of the opposition when the reality is they are just Cheap Hustlers using their newspapers to raise money from APC Paymasters!

But the most despicable part of their nefarious action is when they team up with APC journalists to try to bring down truly independent voices using a variety of nauseous tactics like ascribing distasteful ‘shrew’ and ‘bad luck’ to those whose patriotic articles STAND IN THE WAY of the desires of APC Paymasters. Thank God real SLPP members can see through these hustlers but what should now be speedily done is for the SLPP Leadership to ensure the rest of the public understand that just as independent voices like mine cant speak for SLPP, so also should False/Fake SLPP journalists be exposed as shameful opportunists.

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