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In Sierra Leone, Mohamed Bangura vs. Charles Margai Now Set for Trial
By Dauda Koroma
Nov 3, 2010, 17:08

The matter between the suspended former National Chairman of the Peopleís Movement for Democratic Change, Mohamed Bangura and the Party Leader, Mr. Charles Francis Margai came up yesterday 2nd November, 2010 at the High Court presided over by Hon. Justice Vivian Solomon. Both parties were present, and Mr. Mohamed Bangura was represented by lawyer E.T Koroma and the Ady Macauley while Lawyer Charles Margai represented himself.

The Learned Honourable Justice Solomon looked into both arguments and ruled she would commit the matter for trial with Notices to be sent to the parties. Justice Solomon also gave 4 days for Charles Margai to reply.

After the court session, a visibly excited Mohamed Bangura told journalists that he was not going to join the PMDC anymore but was doing it for posterity and to set the records straight. He also says he wants Charles Margai to pay a fine as stipulated by the PMDC constitution.

Mr. Bangura ended up by reminding journalists of his press conference today where he said he was going to reply SLPP Chairman, John Oponjo Benjamin on allegations that he has been receiving monies fro President Koroma. However, Mr. Bangura has been reminded by political observers that it was not John Benjamin who made the statement but it was Mr. Charles Margai right inside the Presidentís hometown of Makeni.

"All what John Benjamin has done is to repeat the allegation by Mr. Charles Margai which allegation, President Koroma seems to be comfortable with as none of the Presidentís numerous spokesmen or his newspapers have denied the allegation; the President even hosted Mr. Margai to a dinner at State Lodge after the utterances which Margai has never retracted," said Mr. Mallam Fofana at the SLPP Party headquarters yesterday.

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