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In Sierra Leone, Okada Riders Seeks Advocacy Body
By Mohamed Kanu
Nov 3, 2010, 17:00

The Kingtom Commercial Bike Riders (Okada) on Tuesday 1st November, 2010 organized themselves into a team and stormed the office of Mr. Hi-Lance, Director of the Hi-Lance Progressive Movement, to help them form an advocacy body to be addressing the numerous problems they are presently facing in the street with the police.

Speaking on behalf of the Okada Riders, One Mohamed Sesay told Mr. Hi-Lance that they were facing enormous problems in the street with pedestrians, and especially the police. "The police told us to avoid plying the central areas of the city and keep to its outskirts. We obeyed their command but they are still pursuing our bikes with long wooden boards studded with nails," he explained.

Consoling the young men, Mr. Hi-Lance told them that their decision to look for an advocacy body was timely, and that since he was running an advocating body, he welcomed the idea. He said his organization is an open advocacy ready to give voice to the voiceless. "I will help you peacefully set up an official body that will help to channel issues to top authorities in the government for resolution so that a peaceful environment will continue to enhance your works," he assured them.

He said once they were organized and law abiding, such problems would not crop up any longer. He however, cautioned them to be always law abiding while plying the streets as commercial riders.

The Okada Riders lauded the openness of Mr. Hi-Lance for demonstrating concerns to them considering their present situation in the country with the police. They said as a peaceful commercial group, they were always ready to share their experiences and work with his organization.

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